Cirque du Soleil // Totem

Had the chance to go check out the Cirque du Soleil show last night. It is currently in Portland for a few weeks! Let me just say, it is fascinating! Go check it out before it leaves Portland or see if it is coming to your area soon! The acts, the characters, the costumes, the acrobatics will blow your mind! Figured I could live blog the thoughts I had last night. It was entertaining to say the least. 

Here we go....


No wait it is pronounced toe-tem not toe-tum like totem pole . Got it. So sophisticated. 

How do you even spell Cirque du Soleil. I have to look it up on google every time. 

Man, I have to pee already. Intermission is so far away.

Ohhhh hey man dressed as a disco ball... I bet he wasn't made in Louisville ... fun fact 90% of all disco balls are made in Louisville ... Only Brad would know that kind of stupid fact and then share it with me so now I know it. 


Holy moly so much going on.

Those people look like real frogs.

So damn strong.

What is going on.

Ohhhhh it's a play on evolution I am getting it now.

How do they do that with their bodies?

Wait, where did the old man in a boat come from...

Is that Old Greg ?

Now they are on rings!

Ok that woman is jacked .. She must do Crossfit ....kiddinnnng

Although, I bet Crossfiters are jealous of her bis and tris ... I bet they wish they could do a muscle up this well, too. 

Shoot I am jealous of her bis and tris.

So over stimulated right now.

Holy strong.

But no really they are gymnasts on steroids.
I can't even do a head stand for more than 10 secs.

They are even graceful when they move their props off the stage.

How does one find out they are good at spinning things on their heads or toss hula hoops in the air?

The stage looks like a scorpion right now. 

What they can do with the stage might be more entertaining than the show. 

Ohhhh unicycles!!!

Those look hard.

And they are catching bowls on their heads while on unis.

This is not real life.

Oh they dropped one.. now two bowls.

I wonder if they bitch each other out after a bad toss backstage?

Oh thank god intermission. I need to compose myself.

Must pee. Now.

Here comes act two!

Oh Native Americans with hula hoops. So many hula hoops ... Is she using 5 at once ?!

On to the next act. This one looks promising. Two people on one swinging bar. 

Wait is she trusting him with her own life right now?! 

I would never trust a man like that. Not even Bradley. 

He is literally holding you up by your heel. You are going to plummet to your death woman, be careful! 

More Native Americans costumes. 

Can I be that for Halloween? 

Nah, that would probably be shunned upon. 

Wait, are they on roller skates?!

Pretty sure roller skates were not a thing back then.

Annnnd he just ripped off her costume. 

So many sequins and shiny things on her second outfit. 

Are we going to witness Totem's take on Native American roller skate sexy time on a huge ass drum?! Yes, yes we are. 

Pretty much just happened.

I can't even handle this all right now. 

So fascinating. 

Here comes the dancing finale! 

And the show is over. 

I need to go take a gymnastics class or something.

Cheers to Totem! 

<3 BB 

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Whitney Leigh said...

"Then what's your hook doin' in mah head mother licker?!"

Sorry. The Old Greg comment really got me.

I've always wanted to go to one of these shows! If they're ever in Salt Lake, I'm going.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

"Those people look like real frogs." Hahahahahaa!
Their bodies are freakin' INSANE!

JumpingJE said...

Yes! I went 2 weeks ago and the unicycle ladies didn't drop a single bowl!

Also, the guy and girl that trust each other with lives 40 feet in the air are insane.

AND the rollerskate bit was pretty tantric if you ask me.

Melissa Suggitt said...

im praying we get tickets to a cirque show when i'm in Vegas next weekend because it always amazes me!

Helene in Between said...

best line of the day: is that old greg.
thank you for that.

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I have never seen a Cirque show. Jeli of all the fun stuff you are up to these days!

P!nky said...

I've seen Totem and it's amazing! Just wowy zowy!

Macey Snelson said...

So much like for this post. So much like.

Lauren said...

So funny. Cirque shows are crazy and I too have wondered where these people learn that they are skilled at random things. Have you seen the two twins that like, balance all over each other in kind of a sexual way? How did they get that way?

Anonymous said...

I want to contort my body all the ways. I'm amazed at what people can train their bodies to do.

lil desiqua said...

Hahaha I love that you live-blogged it! The "actors?" are so ridiculously strong- I can't even imagine doing half the stunts they do! I've seen a few and they never disappoint!

Kenzie Smith said...

Your commentary is great! I want to see a Cirque du Soleil show SO bad.

Ashley said...

bhahahahaha. love this and always wanted to see it!

Jess said...

i LOVE cirque shows. Being in the gymnastics field I know how hard the normal stuff is, the things they do are incredible. I cringe every time i watch bc I know what could go wrong and I've seen it. I have so much respect for those performers!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I saw this here in Boston- very cool. I laughed every time they said "To-tem" for some reason.

Melissa said...

This is so cool! Two of my best friends from college are in Le Reve in Vegas, and it's INSANE. Granted, they were gymnasts, so it's natural for them...but wowza!

Rachel @ Love, Rachel said...


Erica Jacquline said...

That is so cool! I have never seen a Cirque show but I really want to. You made me want it more now!

LG @ thelaurelgazette.com said...

seriously, who are these people who can do these things with their bodies, let alone on roller skates??

BoardingTogether said...

I love Cirque du Soleil! I've only seen one show which is the one they have at Disney World and I was floored when I saw what a fantastic job these people did. I cannot believe that human bodies are capable of such amazing moves. I'm actually looking to see if this specific show is coming to Cleveland or anywhere close.

Meg {henninglove} said...

thanks for the pronunciation lesson the morning! seriously those people have some TALENT no doubt about that, ok not some but a lot

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

bahahahahaha that was awesome I love the blow by blow commentary. Seriously though aren't they unbelievable?????

Corie said...

Cirque du Soleil is such an amazing show! I saw one in Downtown Disney years ago when Thomas and I just started dating! My mind was BLOWN!