Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Folks,

Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was a combo of busy and relaxing.  Oxymoron much?   Here are the highlights:

Friday: after work I drove to the hometown with my sister. We listened to screamed this song a lot:

Heyyyyyyy, Sexy Lady!

Can't get enough.  It's so catchy and the dance is awesome... Also, I am totally that person who wants everyone to know they knew about something before it went big.  #hipsterstatus

I definitely started listening to this song over a month ago.  I even shared it with the boy and Jessi, so I take full credit of it blowing up.  I especially get excited when I find something on the internet before Brad, because he can find anything and everything. 

Saturday: I went for a beautiful trail run on the NUT.

I run this trail any time I am home and every time I forget how hilly this first section is.  Good news is:  I didn't roll my ankle this time, which is a miracle.

Sunday:  After a nice little long 5 mile run, Brad and I finally used our LivingSocial deal for Hall Street Grill brunch out in the Beevs.

Celebratory Mimosa for no reason, yes please! 

I love brunch, it may be one of my favorite things.  It also reminds me of the How I Met Your Mother episode when Marshal goes to brunch with a male friend and it ends up feeling like a date. 

Is frittata not the most fun word say?!  Friiiiitatttttaaa.

Brad got the Pulled Pork Frittata.  It was delicious. The sweet caramelized onions and smokey pulled pork paired wonderfully with the fluffy egg frittata.   

Eggs Benny! 

I picked the Quinoa Crab Cakes Benedict.  Wowza it was yummy.  The rich crab combined with the béarnaise sauce.... still drooling over it.

The rest of the weekend consisted of the NFL RedZone Channel, running errands and napping lounging around.  Another favorite of mine :)

Cheers to Brunch!

<3 BB 

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