The Poor Man's ProActiv

So I was blessed with a lot of great genes from my parents, but porcelain skin was sadly not one of them.  I have more of a 13 year old boy's acne ridden face...ok that might have been a little far fetched, but still it's not great for being out of my teenage years.  Plus, it doesn't help that I sweat a. lot.   Over the years I have tried many things to make it better, every face wash you can think of... I even tried Accutane in high school which worked sort of.  Minus the whole monthly check-ups to make sure you're not preggers (evidently one of the side effects is it will ruin a baby) and checking to make sure you don't all of the sudden have depression overnight (also another side effect)..annnnnd after a quick Google search it has evidently been pulled off the shelves due to all of its side effects. Not surprised at all.

Anyway, while I was wandering Walgreens the other day I came across the drug store equivalent of ProActiv and I decide to grab it since it was about 10 dollars less than what they advertise on TV and I figured, what the heck, might as well try it. Plus with buying it in the store you are not forced into the automatic monthly charges that ProActiv has.

 Beebs and I share the same pre-teen boy skin problems.

Speaking of Beebs, got you this:

Thanks for the distraction, Favorite Coworker.

After just a few day I am thinking it might be helping, but then again it may just be wishful thinking.  I'll let you know after a few weeks. 

Does anyone else have skin problems?  Any secret tips that I should know about?  I heard cutting out dairy can really help, but then that means I would have to give up fro-yo and I am just not sure I can do that. 

Cheers to Crater Face Knock Off Pro Active!? 

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

WOW. i was just complaining to andrew last night about how i hated my skin, and i am too old to still be dealing with this crap. i swear it's gotten worse now than it was in college. my skin is super oily and my chin and forehead have been suffering lately. i started using st. ives green tea scrub which has helped a little, but not enough. keep me posted on this pro-active knock off, i may have to jump on that band wagon...

blsmith6 said...

oh em gee, St. Ives Green Tea was also my latest face wash I had tried before this one! I really enjoyed the smell and little scrubbers :)

Abby Jordan said...

Pinterest told me to mix baking soda with a creamy face wash for a gentle exfoliant/black head killer. I had my doubts but was pleasantly surprised.
Gross that I still need acne treatment at this stage in my life. Yes that I'm not the only one.

blsmith6 said...

Pinterest has a solution to everything!!!