Tuesday Tunesday :: 3.26.13

Short and sweet here on the blog today.  Not much time to chit-chat as I am playing catch up at work.  What's that, you have a real job, Brooke?! Who knew. 

Here is some music that has gotten me through the past week:

Chill, electronic at its finest. 

HAIM - Hold Me (Fleetwood Mac cover)
HAIM did this cover right. 

Love these lyrics, plus this song was featured on Grey's Anatomy and they always have good music... Not to mention my friend Creshea also enjoys this tune, so you know it's a win :) 

The sound quality of the video could be a little better, but don't let that stop you.  This song is great with or without mics. 

There are a lot of details to this song and together it really makes one cohesive unit.  It's nice. 

Kendrick Lamar feat. Drake :: Poetic Justice 

Kendrick Lamar is my kind of hip-hop.  Smooth and legit. It's like there are almost hints of Bone Thugs in the track.  

Vampire Weekend :: Steps 
The more I listen to this song, the more it is growing on me, but  I have to admit the two singles they have released so far have been a tad underwhelming compared to their first and second albums.  LOVE their first album. Let's hope the rest of the album does big things. 

Allen Stone :: Contact High 
This stripped down version by Allen Stone is everything I have come to know and love about him.  Perfection. Plus, I couldn't agree more when he speaks about our addiction to social media. 

That's all I have today folks.  Cheers to hopefully being a better blogger tomorrow!  No Promises 

<3 BB 

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Cre'shea said...

Okay two things: I love the Lucius track...wayyy legit! Second thing: Who gives a Fuck about an Oxford Comma?