Sports Watching

So this week has been quite the struggle street for Brooke here.  (yes, sometimes Brooke likes to refer to herself in 3rd person.  It's fun, Brooke suggests you try it).  Hard day Monday, Catch-up Tuesday, Work Computer Gets A Virus Wednesday....Silver lining of it all though - tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. Praise Jesus! But no really, I have Good Friday to thank for the day off. 

Anyways, back to my actual post - sports have always been a big part of my life, so naturally, watching sports on tv, has also been a big part of my life. It all started as a little girl watching sports with my dad and brothers and that has not changed. In fact, I have probably gotten more into sports watching as I have gotten wiser older.

Needless to say, I was very happy when I moved in with Bradley, because he had a full cable package and my place only had the basic, bebe, 13 channels total, package. YESSSS, SPORTS! GLORIOUS! VICTORIOUS!

Now, like most sports fans, I can get heated while watching my favorite teams and get extra excited when I can find track live on tv! I've also been know to even yell at the tv a time or two, as if what I have to say will change the outcome or affect the game in any matter. If you don't get emotionally attached, you're doing it wrong. 

However, I have been introduced to an entirely new form of sports watching since moving in with Brad.

This kid gets so worked up. To the point he can't sit down.  He is like a coach on the sidelines, pacing back and forth in our living room.

 What do we need to fix at half time, coach?!

Not only does he yell talk to the tv the entire time, he references the team as if he is a part of it, examples:

"We need to play better!"
"Our defense looks great tonight!"
 Oh really, Brad? I didn't see you out on the field just now. 

Ok, I suppose I can't give him too much flack for that, I did refer to myself in the 3rd person earlier in this post.  #nerd Moving on.....

Hands down, my favorite Bradely-ism is when the game gets really intense or a bad call gets made by a ref (this usually comes out when he is watching soccer or Indiana Basketball, but you will occasionally here it when he is watching other sporting events too)

Bradley likes to yell with a full on BRITISH ACCENT. His favorite expressions:

Oh, Eff' Off! 
Come On Now Man! 

Defensive stance.

I die!!!!  Our friend Cory even got to experience it last night while we watched the US National Team play Mexico (soccer, for those of you who were not aware).  It's glorious and it makes me happy.  Slash I mock him every time - it's just how our relationship works.  Lots of love, lots of mocking :)

Wish me luck tomorrow.  Indiana plays their next March Madness game and he is not happy camper when they lose. Plus, I have them wining the 'ship, so it's a must win for my bracket!

Cheers to Sports!

<3 BB 

PS. Brad keeps talking about how I need to dedicate a post to him, not sure this is what he had in mind, but since he didn't get specific he can't complain ;)


sasha siguen said...

hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it...Great post!!!im an avid soccer fan as well...cant wait for next year!! and the net 4 yrs it should be hosted by usa..so yay! would you like to follow each other via bloglovin and gfc? I always return the follow..let me know

Kait Comiskey said...

Indiana all the way!!!

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

THis is hilarious! This is what Aaron looks like when he plays video games. Nerd. But can we talk about your corner fire place?! I have a corner fireplace like that (where the back is a deep corner, not flat with the fireplace - does that make sense??) and it's SO hard to decorate!! I like how you've decorated yours - #inspiration