Things Are Looking Up Thursday

Evidently my new thing is to start naming my days, you might have noticed this in yesterday's post).  Things Are Looking Up Thursday is today's name and here is why:

::Today is my Friday. (Heyo, Good Friday!)

::I am listening to Van Morrison Pandora and it is rocking my wold.

::I bought myself a coffee on the way to work.

::I get to play open gym volleyball for the first time in a while, because the track kids are on Spring Break and I don't have to drive to Salem. (My gas tank is also happy about that.)

::I think my spin class last night might have made my legs less sore - is that even possible?! I am still having issues with my hip flexors and my knee has been sore, but it is definitely all my fault. I wasn't proactive about stretching and now I am playing catch up, while still doing workouts that probably aren't helping.  Win some, lose some.  I have been doing more of this though:

drop down and get your eagle roll on, gurl. 

and bought these:

Can't tell if it is the placebo affect or not, but I think they may be helping a little. 

::March Madness starts up again this evening.

::Spring is everywhere:

blossoms on blossoms on blossoms 

::I am attending the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest tomorrow AND Saturday.  (I even signed up for a 5k Saturday morning to get free entry and drink tokens) The beer is great, the ciders are spot on, and the cheese. Don't even get me started about the cheese, smoked gouda in my mouth, please.

::I get to spend Sunday with my entire family for Easter.  Creamed Eggs are the family tradition every year.  YUM!

::Here is the real winner though - (Now, I don't want to jinx it) buttttttt it is supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. Yes.Please.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  Which I do, I use the term shabby quite often like right now for instance.

Cheers to Things Are Looking Up Thursday! 

<3 BB


Kayla Moothart said...

I'm so excited for the weather forecast! Hopefully it will come true! Spin class probably got the lactic acid moving through your legs and then would for sure make them feel less sore! I always try to keep moving because it helps so much! Happy Friday to you!

Kira said...

I want to play volleyball! I need to find myself a place to do that(once I'm no longer pregnant).