A Busted Bracket + Links

Thanks for all your kind thoughts last night during the stressful Indiana loss (but no really, I got 4 different text messages asking how Brad was doing during the game, one even came from my dad asking 'if the big guy was going to be alright?')... sadly the Hoosiers of Indiana just couldn't get it together and it was a somber night in the Smith/Snook household.

Bradley is in the process of grieving. There has been anger, sadness, blame, etc. There was pacing, and some yelling, but mostly, there has been silence. He has been quite (that's when you know he is really upset). He even went over to our apartment's fitness center to run after the game.  He later said it was cathartic... Poor Brad.

I knew it wasn't a good sign when I walked in just before half time and he didn't even say hi or ask how I was, just went straight into the not-so-pretty stat line that was Indiana's shooting percentage and turnover numbers. I thought there might be a moment of hope at the start of the second half when they cut it to within 6, but it just didn't happen. womp. womp.

I too, am feeling the effects off this loss though. Seeya, bracket, you are busted.  Thanks for nothing, Indiana. Brad also informed me that no matter the outcome of the Indiana game, I was going to lose our bet.  Now I have to wear the clown pants in public.  NOOOOOOO!

Good news though.... I can drink these problems away.... Kidding I don't condone that kind of behavior! Buttttttt I do get to go to the Spring Beer and Wine Fest today, so I am moving on from this loss quite quickly... Not sure if I can say the same for Bradley just yet, only time will heal his wounds.

Anyways, in honor of March Madness, I decided to keep the theme running with my links today, enjoy!

::The most important March Madness recap you'll read.

::Here is your guide to the most entertaining team in the Madness this year., Florida Gulf Coast University.  Let them dunk their way into your heart. (Bradley wanted me to note that their current Athletic Director was the Athletic Director of Bradley University when he attended there.  And yes, Brad attended Bradley University, cool story, I know.) 

Let's rank the top 16 teams by their fans' worst tattoos, shall we?!

24 lesser known facts about the Tourney.

Enjoy your weekend!!!! Mine starts now :) Well technically after Brad makes me breakfast to make up for his poor attitude last night!

<3 BB


Anonymous said...

So jealous of your Friday off and really looking forward to the hoppity hops tomorrow! :):)

Jason Stanley said...

Funny stuff! I can't believe how bad some of those tattoos are!

Bee Talmadge said...

Sorry about Brad's bracket! My husbands crashed hard last night. I tried to make him feel better by taking him to the Blazers game and that backfired on me HORRIBLY. Ahh well at least it will be over soon.