easter sunday

Happy Monday!

Still can't believe Easter has come and gone and I especially can't believe how nice the weather was for it! I am feeling recharged after my long weekend and hoping the nice weather decides to stick around (fingers crossed).

After attending church as a family, we celebrated Easter out and my Aunt and Uncle's place.  They live on a Filbert (aka Hazelnut) farm and keep the place looking lovely.

We ate way too much food - per usual at our family gatherings.  I even brought something this time.

Made these Caprese skewers. Although, I was dumb and bought long skewers and was trying to cut them in half, when I definitely should have just used toothpicks. Might have even broke my Aunt's scissors when trying to cut the wood.  Live and Learn and then get Luvs  I bought OMG Balsamic Vinegar to drizzle over top and the name isn't lying. So Good!

We also had deviled eggs.  Gosh, those are an Easter favorite of mine. I suppose they don't have to be eaten only on Easter, but that is usually when I have them.

Getting my egg hunt on.  My little cousin Emma decided she was going to hide the eggs this year and all of the older kids would find them.

 Let me tell you, this girl did a good job hiding them - straight up dug holes in her mom's flower beds and completely covered them with dirt.

My Uncle had recently put together a small zip line for his kids, so we obviously had to try it out too. 

If you were wondering, I really struggled. Honestly, that shouldn't surprise you though. 

Somehow managed to almost fall off the seat each attempt. Not sure if that is fear or laughter on my face.

Check out this art.  (Ok, it isn't even close to art, but I am slowly trying to figure out my editing software.  It's a real struggle on my old Mac though, so I don't have a ton of patience with it.)

We then thought it was a really good idea to workout after the mountains of food consumed.  Worst idea ever. Even got my aunt to do a couple rounds of our circuit with us. There is a good chance she is feeling sore today, but I was still impressed with her !  

Bradley, The Baby Brother, and Me

Ps. Nice face, Brad. You're so attractive.

Trying to get the little sister back in shape after her ACL surgery

So yeah, that was my Easter in a filbert nut shell. 

Cheers to Bunnies! 

<3 BB 


Cre'shea said...

Super duper points for putting exercise clothes on after eating Easter dinner.....I started my day with my exercise clothes on to prepare for the eating of food.....Looks like we have different approaches on life!

OrangeMew said...

Love the awesome job that Emma did with the eggs- who was the clever one that noticed the ones in the flower bed? And that tree is so gorgeous! I think I would have opted for lying down in the grass and watching the show/the exercise circuit. Glad you had a really delicious Easter

Justine said...

It was so gorgeous yesterday. Those big trees are beautiful!