Bummer News

So the little sister found out some bummer news last week.  Turns out she tore her ACL and has to have surgery on it tomorrow (think good thoughts!)...  And for those of you who don't know her, my sister is kind of a baller so it is quite the bummer.

Brittany is a Junior this year at West Linn High School and has been their starting point guard since her freshie year.  They took 5th last year at State and she was more than a stud in the game (she is number 3 in the highlight video) where they upset the number 1 ranked Oregon City.

Get it Gurl.

She is a trooper though and is ready to put in the rehab work.  As much of a bummer as the situation is, I am so, so proud of her for how she has handled it all.  Lord knows I would be wreck right now if I was in her spot, she is way stronger than I am.  She knows what she has to do in order to get back and her doctors and coaches have been nothing short of supportive.  The doc told her she gets surgery day off, but day two rehab starts.  I let her know I would be more than happy to be her PT (she kindly turned down my offer though).  Instead I guess I will just have to keep her lots of company and maybe be a nice sister and bring her Starbucks :)

I want to be like my little sister when I grow up

My sister is cooler than your sister

All of my sister's stuff has made me realize how fortunate I was to have never had a season or career ending injury during all my years of competition. Over 7 years of basketball, 9 years of volleyball, and 10 years of track, I only had one off season surgery for torn ligaments in my wrist, so all in all I was a lucky duck, especially when bad knees run in my family.  Both my dad and my little brother have had ACL surgeries too.   Now, since I am not getting any younger, I realize that I need to be extra careful when I workout and do crazy athletic events like Tough Mudder

So think super-extra-good thoughts for my sister over the next few months, you wont see her out on the court, but you will still see her leading the team from the bench and rehabbing along the way.  Fingers crossed she is jogging by Christmas :) 

Cheers to Recovery!

<3 BB 


Kait Comiskey said...

ohhhhhhh sad that really is a bummer. good, healing thoughts her way for sure!

Pam Smith said...

You are an amazing big sister. I am truly blessed to have four terrific kids that always look out for one another.