Clarence Greenwood Concert!

...or if you're not a super fan, you might know him better as Citizen Cope! Sunday night Bradley and I decided to be young for a change and stayed out late on a school night to see Citizen Cope perform at the Crystal Ballroom.

If you have not had the pleasure of listening to Citizen Cope, help me, help you:

Hurricane Waters

Holdin' On

Like always, Clarance did not disappoint.  You see, I can call him by his first name, because he and I go way back.  Let me tell you all the ways: 

:: I have seen him live a total of 5 times and counting

:: I own all of his albums

:: We have had a conversation.  Ok, not quite a convo, buttt it was right before the 2008 elections and I was wearing an Obama tee.  Clarance def gave me a shout out for it while he was on stage.  Totally could have gotten on the bus that night if I wanted to. 

:: I have seen him perform with both his full band and solo acoustic shows.

:: Sunday night we had matching Chambray shirts.

:: I have been this close to him at a concert:

Moral of the story: we are in love.

The Crystal Ballroom was rocking Sunday night.  He had a mix of his full band and solo dolo acoustic.  Tickets were only $25.00, so it was not overpriced, seeings how he played for a solid two hours with the encore and it was heaven.  The only down side was the fact that I am old and standing room-only concerts are hard on my back, not to mention my bedtime.  Work came early Monday morning, but it was totally worth it.

If you ever get a chance to see him live, I really suggest you do it.  Now, I know you're thinking to yourself, gee self, Brooke tells me I should see a lot of bands live, I am starting to think she is going overboard. ...Because let's face it - I do say this a lot (because I have amazing taste and see a lot of fantastic artists live), but I reallllllllly mean it when it comes to Citizen Cope, you will not regret going to his show.

Cheers to C. Cope!

<33 BB

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