Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.2.12

Happy Tunesday! Enjoy :)

Love is a Fire :: Courrier

I love a song that gradually picks up intensity.  Just kind of keeps building on itself.  This one does that. Wait for it, wait for it...

The Paper Kites :: Bloom

I have been a fan of The Paper Kites for a little while, this song is not new, but I love their voices together.  Plus, their videos are always interesting too, check out Featherstone while you're at it.

Zee Avi :: Concrete Walls

Might have found this on Gossip Girls the other day when I was catching up on Netflix.  Don't judge me or do, I don't really care.  I can't get enough of the Upper East Side drama! Serena is being a total betch right now.

Freelance Whales :: Girl U Want

They have a new CD that just came out and it's good, this song is not on it. Sorry for the tease haha.  This is a legit cover though!

Lastly, because I am celebrating a good friend's birthday on Thursday with a Ron Pope concert I will leave you with this gem:

Ron Pope :: A Drop In The Ocean

Also, fun fact, I picked this video because Bradley made it for a class in college haha.  He is so talented, look how he mixed the two together.  With that being said, I have loved this song for years and the movie is one of my favorites.

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB

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