Timbers and Pizza!

Brad and I had tickets to the Portland Timbers vs DC United game this weekend, which was a pretty big deal for Brad since he used to work for DCU before he moved out to Oregon.  The game was an evening game so we had a chance to get food before we headed to the stadium. 

A few weeks ago I had picked up a Groupon for the pizza joint / bar called Mellow Mushroom.

I had been hearing really good things about the place and it did not disappoint. We tried a few beers with their paddle option and ordered the Funky Q Chicken.  Evidently, the first location was out on the East Coast and its dough was made with spring water from Vermont, so now all of the restaurants get the special water shipped in from the same spring for the dough, which is pretty cool and the dough is uh-mazing! 

We walked off our dinner and headed up to the stadium which was only a few blocks away.


Brad was torn on what outfit to wear, because he is a girl in the army you are supposed to be a Timbers Supporter, they even email you and tell you not to wear opposing team apparel. However, DCU holds a very special place in his heart since he worked for their front office.  He eventually decided on a not too flashy DCU shirt with a Timbers scarf. 

The National Anthem is always my favorite at the Timbers games. It literally gives me chills every time. I am a sucker for a good Anthem, it takes me back to my athletic days and I always get a little bit of butterflies as if I am the one about to complete.  The Portland crowd sings with the performer and at the end of this game everyone threw streamers, it looked awesome.

DCU went up 1-0 with a questionable handball call and the oh so attractive Chris Pontius scored off the penalty kick.  Luckily, the Timbers came back to tie the game up and it ended in a 1-1 tie.  

The above smoke makes it hard to breathe, so we pretended to be bandits for a bit. 

All in all, I am secretly glad they tied, DCU left with a point, Timbers are still not out of the playoff running, and then Brad didn't have to choose a winner or a loser side.  Plus I got to watch DCU's coach Ben Olsen in action and he is my favsies.  Gotta love a well dressed coach, especially when I think he and Brad kind of look like they could be related.

We are on the waiting list to get season tickets for next year, cross your fingers we are high enough on it to get a pair and maybe I will take you to a game with me if you're lucky !

Cheers to Soccer hotties!

<3 BB

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Kait Comiskey said...

haha good to hear brad hasn't changed much in his passion for clothing choices.