Tuesday Tunesday + The Voice

Happy Tunesday!

Hope you made it through April Fools without seeing too many fake engagements on your facebook feed or falling for a prank yourself.  Brad knew better and didn't play any stupid pranks on me, luckily!

Speaking of tunes, do any of you watch The Voice!?

Secretly a big fan of this show, especially this season.  The new judges were a good choice. Hello Errrrsher (although I do have one complaint, buddy, why do you wear sunglasses inside all the time?! I mean really, it's not bright indoors)!  Adam you're not too shabby yourself. Just went total fan girl and google imaged both of them for longer than I should admit.

Anyway, back to the actual show, I really like this set up for a singing competition because it shows off the contestants', well voices hence the name, and not stupid people who can't sing that just want their 15 mins of fame like on American Idol. They have the blind auditions where the judges don't even get to see who is singing and just focus on their talents, plus they are only showing the contestants that make the show or ones that are super close to making it. Oh, and did I mention Usher and Adam Levine are judges, because they're a bonus.....

The problem is I am a Grandma and only watch part of it each night, because it goes till 10.  How did I get through life before DVR?! I am still unsure who I would pick as my judge. Most likely Adam, because he has a wide range of music genres he can cross through and then we could fall in love and get married and have lots of pretty babies and live happily ever after together with tattoos and stuff. 

So yeah, that is my new show to fill the void of the Bachelor since I am not a fan of Des being the new BacheloretteWho am I kidding, I will probably watch that, too. Totally Team Lesley.

And now for more music in the form of Tunesday:

Evidently this Axela chick really made an impression on Robert Raimon Roy.  Good news is he got a great song out of it.  He is also going to wait for her, not sure if that is the best move or not dude, but I'll support your decision anyway.  

This song always pops up on my pandora when I listen to The Head And The Heart station (probably because I thumbs-up'd it) and I really enjoy it.  It came up again the other day and it made me smile. *The link on the blog isn't quite as good of a version as the one above. Click on that one and it will take you to the good stuff.*

Alt-J :: Breezeblocks 
I have talked about Alt-J aka  on the blog before, but this song - it's funky and weird and I can't stop listening to it.

I was nervous when Timeflies signed with a major record label that his sound wouldn't be as good, but I am really digging this song, especially when the beat drops right around the 1.04 mark. Heyo! This is the type of song I love working out to, it just gets me motivated to move.

The Skizzy Marz album Phases is a must listen. It's been in the works for quite some time and it is legit.

Mkkk folks, I'm out.  Until tomorrow,  

<3 BB 


Susannah said...

I love The Voice so much! The new judges are great! I've only watched the first episode this season cause I'm a grandma too and watch it online at a more reasonable hour. :-)

Kayla Moothart said...

I don't watch a lot of TV but have seen the voice. I like that compared to Idol the changes aren't every mean to the contestants. My mom watches Idol and Nicki Minaj is so rude to the singers on there!

Jennifer Fulford said...

sadly, I couldn't click thru to hear the songs from my droid while I lazed in bed at my grandma time. I'll come back tomorrow and listen from the laptop. you've got good taste.

Kira said...

I have never seen The Voice, but I have lots of friends who really love it. I just don't want to get addicted to anymore shows! I try to steer clear of the contest/reality shows for that reason :)