Brooke's A Dummy - Surprise, Surprise.

First, can we talk about the pleasant surprise that was yesterday afternoon out at the track?! Glad you said yes, because I was going to talk about it either way.... Yesterday was the first day that I didn't wear a sweatshirt for almost the entire practice.  Sun was out and this girl didn't have a million layers on, which is almost unheard of. Normally all the athletes make fun of me and do a layers count each day I am out there because I have at least 4 on. But yesterday was different, yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful thing.  Of course they what do they even know! are now calling for rain for the ALL DAY MEET I will be at on Saturday, but what are ya gonna do?!

That bright thing blinding you in the picture is called the sun, not sure if you have heard of it before. 

Can we also talk about the fact that I might have been a dummy and got sucked into a stupid scam?! Brooke being a dummy?! Of course we can talk about this topic... I let myself (and Brad) get talked into one of those 'if you go listen to our presentation, you'll get a 'complementary' trip to a city of your choosing' deals.

When we were at the Spring Beer and Wine Festival last week (which I know, I suck, it's Wednesday and I have yet to blog about it) we were approached by a nice young man to roll some dice to try and win a prize. I blame the IPAs and Cider said sure why not?!

Anyways, we ended up 'winning' and then listened to the guy's spiel and signed up to go check out the company's (Vacation Internationale) presentation tonight, because were told there was no obligation to buy a time share deal if you went and after we attended we will get airline tickets and 2 nights stay at a hotel paid for at the city of our choosing.  All we would have to cover is the taxes portion.  We picked San Francisco, because I haven't been since I was little and Brad has never been.

Now, we both have zero intentions of actually purchasing one of the company's time shares, but figured shoot, why not sit through the stupid presentation and get a trip out of it, if all we have to pay for is taxes?!

Of course, I didn't read any reviews of the company until after we signed up and put down a $40 refundable (as long as you attend the meeting) deposit.  Here is the part where you can start calling me a dummy for actually putting money down. Naturally, the reviews are mixed there are people that are some pro-Vacation Internationale reviews, but mostly there are reviews that are the opposite of positive.

Many of those reviews are from people like me, who signed up thinking they would easily get a 'free' trip just for showing up.  The guy we talked to was up front about it and said the trip is not entirely free and we would have to cover taxes, so I know going into it, it's not 'free'. The main thing I am worried about is, according to the reviews, the salesmen can be hardcore when it comes to you singing up once you get through the presentation. All the bad reviews said you have to sit through their presentation and then have to tell at least 3 different sales people no before you can claim your gifts and sometimes they get rude when you keep telling them no.

Most people who know me, know that I am not very good at saying no.  Luckily, Brad will be there too, because knowing me I would probs sign up for something I have no money for just because I felt bad for saying no.  And we can all bet on the fact that I will get red and splotchy when they keep giving us a 'better deal' and we keep telling them no.

We are still debating if we want to even sit through the presentation or just call the $40 dollars a loss and not deal with claiming our prizes.  Plus, they said if you show up late, they close the doors.... If traffic is bad, we'll most likely miss it and then just go to dinner and laugh about how dumb we were for signing up in the first place.

I'll let you know how it all ends up tomorrow.

Cheers to me being a dummy!

<3 BB


Susannah said...

I would totally get duped into doing this too! I think you should go (as long as you have your "no" face on) and get a cheap vacation out of the deal!!! I'm excited to hear how it goes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good LUCK!!! I know you can do it - say no no no! :)Let those pesky sales people be rude, their loss not yours!