date night.

So, remember yesterday how I told you I was a big dummy and signed up for that stupid, most likely a scam, presentation thing?! (If not, you can easily access it here)

Well, Brad and I ended up bailing on it. Partly due to the fact he did not get home from work until 5:30 and we had to be all the way up to Vancouver by 5:45 - with traffic that wasn't going to happen.  The other part was due to the fact that we just didn't get the best vibe after reading reviews and figured we would call the 40 dollars lost a lesson learned.  We obviously knew better from the beginning, but oh well. Win some, lose some. 

Sure enough, about 20 mins after the presentation started I got a text message from the company saying if we can reschedule they will add another gift to our package and still refund the 40.00 deposit... hmm....tempting. 

Instead of dealing with salesmen, Brad decided to take me out on a weekday date and I, of course, did not say no to that. He didn't tell me where we were headed, but said to bring my camera,  because he figured it would want to blog about it. (He is quickly catching on or mocking me, probably mocking me)  We hit up Lardo on the west side for dinner and then Powell's Books. It was the perfect evening. 

If you haven't been to Lardo yet, I suggest you try it out.  Holy Moly it is delish. 

I blacked out and the fat kid in me ordered the double burger. My only complaint - I wish they had given me a bigger pickle. God, I love pickles.

We split an order of Dirty Fries. Still drooling over them.  They straight up had pork belly scraps in them and the marinated peppers were awesome! ERMAHGERD! I die. 

Brad went with the Pork Meatball Banh Mi (and ordered it without the cilantro, so I could have a bite or four two).

Pig out we did.  Brad and I don't eat out very often, as it can get spendy (sidenote: someone from Cali once told me that only people from the Northwest use the word spendy, is that true?) and isn't always that healthy for you. So when we do, we try and make it worth while and splurge on foods we wouldn't normally eat.

I really like the set up of this place, even though it's small the vibe is great. It features a small bar area and seating along side the windows.  I suggest you go check it out now!

I think I am still full today. Luckily, we walked to Powell's to burn a few extra calories ;) Confession this is the first time I have actually gone inside it.

I was a little overwhelmed.  SO.MANY.BOOKS.  If you're not familiar with Powell's, it claims to be the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world (so says Wikipedia) and takes up an entire city block.

Books on Books on Books.

Brad naturally wandered straight to the self-help section, because he needs all the help he can get.

All in all, I am happy with how our evening turned out and even though we can get another free gift if we reschedule with Vacation Internationale, I am not sure we are going to.  Seems like my 40.00 is a sunken cost at this point.

Cheers to Pork Belly!

<3 BB


Vivi said...

omg can I come to PDX and will you PLEASE take me here?! Great photos!!!

Kait Comiskey said...

those fries look like sex.

blsmith6 said...

when you come to pdx we can go on a date night here, vivi :)

blsmith6 said...

better. foodgasm fersure!

Lindsay Hodson said...

Wow. That sounds like a perfect night! I have never been to Lardo but really want to try it! I've been hearing about it ever since we moved here. And you just can't go wrong ending an evening at Powell's.

Justine said...

YUM! I love Lardo! I also ordered the Bahn Mi - so freaking good! I really want to try one of their salads the next time I'm there!

Helene said...

all that food looks sooo good! what a fun night!

Susannah said...

That food looks amazing!!! I'm going to have to drag Nate there! Powell's totally overwhelms me. I can hardly go in there without hyperventalating. ;-)

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

I've been dying to try lardo! I've also heard there's a really good donut shop somewhere close by that area too? (NOT Voodoo)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you got to go out on date night and even happier you made it to one of my PDX favorite's - Powell's!! #nerdalert

Macey Snelson said...

Looks like a fun date night! I haven't been to Lardo yet, but love me some Powell's!!!