Tuesday Tunesday + Hip Flexors Are The Worst

So, I am officially the girl that cried wolf hip pain.  Here is the deal: my hip flexors are constantly sore and I have no one to blame but myself and Brad for the workouts he makes me do.  I complain about them all the time, especially to Brad, but have been really bad about stretching.  Especially since I need to not only be stretching my hip flexors, but the rest of my lower body as well.  I think my body has finally had enough of it and is mad at me.   The past few days my right hip flexor has been doing this weird pinching pain pretty much every time I take a step and it aches when I am sitting... hmm.

Looks like I need to take it easy / for reals do more stretching and yoga. Last night I tried to switch up my workout.  No squats or mountain climbers, or burpess, or anything like that for this girl - my awesome swim cap and I hit the pool instead.

Just your typical locker room selfie, because that's a cool thing to do. said no one, ever.

Anyway enough awesome pictures of me.  Let's listen to good music instead.  Maybe the tunes will heal my hippie!

Little Boots :: Motorway
This video is trippy and the song is catchy.  It almost sounds like it should belong on the Drive soundtrack, almost.

Gabrielle Aplin :: Please Don't Say You Love Me 
A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.

Born Ruffians :: Needle
This band kind of reminds me of a more uptempo Fleet Foxes or something and I dig it.

Bastille :: Flaws
So I can't find this version to add it this post for the life of me, but do yourself a favor and click on the link above. The world is right again. This is the most fantastic version of Flaws that your little ears will ever get to listen to.  I came across it like a year and a half ago, but then it was taken down due to copy right issues.  stupid. BUTTTT now it is back and I am happy not stupid.  I love everything about this song.

Of Monsters And Men :: Skeletons (Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Cover) 
Best of both worlds.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs are always doing it right and this is a great take on their single by Of Monsters and Men.  Plus my girl Creshea hooked me up with this cover.  Good looking out.

Shadows On Stars :: Little Bit (Lykke Li Cover)
Am a big fan of this take on Little Bit, too.

Ghost Beach :: Miracle (Gigamesh Remix)
This remix takes the already good song to another level.  Check out the difference here. Whole other vibe with the two versions. 

That's all folks.  Wish my hip flexors good luck! 

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

do you foam roll at all?

blsmith6 said...

i do, but could probs benefit from doing it more often. really it just comes down to my hammies and hip flexors getting too tight and not being proactive about it, i think.

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

I try to stretch my hips once a day but it's so hard to remember until you're hurting! Mine only hurt when I go snowshoeing or on long hikes, and it's only my right side. But still such a pain!