Couples Retreat...

And I am not talking about this kind of Couples Retreat: 

Ok, so actually it wasn't a couples retreat at all. More just a group of friends that happened to head to the beach in pairs for the weekend. I promised I would have photos of our weekend at Cape Meares and here they are! 

The small group included me and Bradley, my brother and his girlfriend Rachael, and our friends Tyler and Justine. 

We stayed at Tyler's parents' beach house and it was wonderful. The house does not have wifi or cable, which I really enjoyed.  Instead we got our Jenga on, read, played cards, and just had plain ol', good conversation.  And laughing, there was a lot of laughing.

That has to be record height, no?!

We even shot a music video for the next up and coming Boy Band: Beach Boyz 4eva. Might have made that part up.

We got to enjoy experience pretty much every type of weather from fog, wind, rain, sun, and even hail throughout the weekend. So, basically, your typical Oregon day. We tried to sneak in walks when it was calm, but definitely got stuck in a downpour during one of our outings.

There were multiple logs along the bank that had random paintings on them like the one above.

So pritay.

This weather def made me realize Hunters are in my future.

A hint of sun after rain is always my favorite.

It was awesome to see what the community has done along the beach from building forts like this to community fire pits (where we tried to make one, but it was raining and it ended up being an epic fail, because all the logs were soaked, but that's neither here, nor there.).

The BB4Eva in all their glory.

It was a tad windy and cold, but we braved the beach anyway.

The house in the middle is the one we stayed at and and I loved it...but I am hoping the one next to it goes on the market soon so Bradley can buy it for me ;) I wish. 

Beautiful sunset on Saturday evening.

Get excited for Cheese Factory photos tomorrow!

Cheers to the beach!

,<3 BB


Kayla Moothart said...

Looks like such a great time! I need to get to the coast soon!

Anonymous said...

Fun - and sorry the weather wasn't better for you! I love the fact that you're admitting that Hunters are in your future. You won't regret it!

Cre'shea said...

I love gray skied pictures :)

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

Love the pictures! Hope you got some squeaky cheese at the cheese factory :-)