Brad Turns 30!....I Mean 27!

Bradley turns 27 today!!!! Ok, so he isn't quite 30, but close enough!  Also, I was a horrible girlfriend and forgot to wish him a happy birthday as I was hurrying to get ready for work this morning.  I really need to work on getting out of bed in time so I am not scrambling to get out the door and forget important things. In all seriousness tough, I am so happy that I get to celebrate another one of Brad's birthdays with him, especially out here in Oregon.  This is three and counting, starting with the first one I helped him celebrate back in DC before he decided to make the move out to the best coast.

In typical Bradley Snook fashion, he requested that a group of us celebrate his birth by going to Big Al's, which is a HUGE bowling / arcade out in Beaverton.  The catch was...you had to come to the celebration in an outfit you picked out from GoodWill.  Some people took this more seriously than others (cough, cough Brad).

The highlight of the night, besides Brad's outfit, was the Beaverton Bakery Cake. 

Get in my mouth, German Chocolate Cake! 

The princess themed decorations were also a hit. 

I was definitely embarrassed, when I saw Bradley walk into Big Al's after he changed in the car. 

Tyler is zero fun and did not dress up. 

Aren't these two cute, even if they took off their GW jackets. 

The sister had matching pink pants. Hot.  PS. I spy creepers in the background.

We had to take this photo twice, because the first one did not showcase Brad's capris. 

Prom Pose! 

Those are some sexy Canadian tuxedos, you guys. 

Birthday Boy and Mickey! 

Erica, Jason, and I really look good. 

My cousin and her bf did find their outfits from GoodWill, however they didn't go quite as all out as some of us.  You get a B for effort. 

Demolished some nachos. (Definitely part of my cutting back dairy diet)

take 1

take 2

3rd times a charm

Brad's friend from DC was super thoughtful and had a Big Al's Fun Money gift card waiting for him at the arcade center so after bowling, we got our game on for a bit. 

If you ask my brother and Tyler, they let Brad win for his birthday. 

Overall I think the birthday celebration was a hit. Tonight he gets to open one last present from me and watch the BCS Championship game....Not a bad birthday if you ask me!

Cheers to Bradley's Birth!

<3 BB

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