Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.8.13

The Holidays kind of got in the way of Tunesday, but do not fear, I have been stockpiling great tunes for the New Year!!!! - Who am I kidding the motives are quite selfish, I love good music.  Enjoy!

M83 vs. Diddy, Mase, & Biggie :: Mo Cities Mo Problems (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Went on a phase where I couldn't get enough of well done mash-ups.  This is one of those mash-ups.

Adel vs. Draft Punk :: Something About the Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix)

As is this mash-up. Big fan of Draft Punk and I think Carlos Serrano really elevated both tracks.

Daughter :: Candles

There is something about this song that I just LOVE.  Can't put my finger on what it is, maybe it's her voice, maybe it's the guitar arrangement, but let's be honest, it's probably a combo of it all.

Keaton Henson :: You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

This song is quite delicate, almost fragile, just like the girl in the song he is singing about. There are so many good versions of it on YouTube, it was hard to pick just one.  So here is another version I also enjoyed. The studio version is also really good.  (I might be a little obsessed with this song right now, if you didn't notice.)

Cider Skies :: We Are In Love

This band has a little bit of the XX vibe going on, which I am a big fan of.

Two Door Cinema Club :: Next Year

Thought this track was fitting with it being the next year and all. Two Door Cinema Club keeps creating great music and I appreciate it.

Sky Ferreira :: Everything Is Embarrassing

She is so pouty and grimy.  I dig it.

That's all she wrote for this week, folks.

Cheers to a regular Tunesday!

<3 BB

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