Workout Wednesday :: Failed So Hard

Do you ever have one of those runs or workouts that are just defeating? The kind where you have such good intentions of working hard and getting a good, quality workout in, only to have your body and mind do the complete opposite. The kind where partway through the run you just want to sit down on the side of the road and cry and then hitch hike home, because you're too defeated to even crawl back.  No? Just me? Cool. 

Anyway, that was me this weekend. Sunday afternoon Bradley and I set out to do a solid 30-45 min run, but about 5 mins more like seconds into it I knew it was going to be an uphill battle the entire route. Now, I don't claim to be a great runner, but this run was one of the worst I have had in quite some time. Looking back on the week it makes sense that it was not a quality performance.  My body and mind were worn down from some pretty solid workouts and I might have had more than one piece of Brad's birthday cake throughout the weekend. At the time though all I could think about was how frustrated I was for not being better at this thing they call running.  I was only focusing on negative things: how my quads were sore, how I was slowing Brad down, how cold out it was, how my knee was sore, etc.  I then proceeded to beat myself up for it, which made the run even harder and feel like it lasted even longer.  For as often as I workout I except to be a better runner than I am. However, this is definitely the wrong mindset to have. Yes, I workout often, but I don't run everyday, so I can't expect to always have quality runs.

Brad kindly reminded me, the only way I am truly going to get where I want to be when it comes to running is to well, keep running. This means I may need a new plan of attack for what I want to accomplish with my workouts, whether it be doing cardio in the mornings and then our Crossfit style workouts after work, or replacing a few of the workouts with longer (anything over 30 mins is long for me) runs each week instead.

After a nice long stretch, foam rolling, and a bubble bath I had a little better perspective. I realized it's not the end of the world and I need to remind myself to stay positive (remember your resolutions, girl!). One of my fitness goals for 2013 is to get a little more toned and leaner by incorporating more cardio along with my workouts, but in order to be successful I need to have a more positive mindset and put my body in a position where I will not set it up for failure. Treat your body like a temple, Brooke, duh. 

Last night while catching up on the latest season of the Biggest Loser, Jillian got me thinking. (she is crazy in a good way, ps).  She told one of the contestants: "It's got to be for you.  It's got to be because the desire to change is outweighing the pain and fear.  You have to dig deep and make a choice."  which really hit home for me.  I often talk big about wanting to run more, or wanting to get leaner, or wanting to cut sugar out of my diet, but I still haven't made the choice to fully commit to any of those things yet.   Luckily, I live a pretty active lifestyle compared to most, but I am still not where I want to be.  Good news is there is always room for improvement and there is no better time to start than now!  Wish me luck or feel free to join me.

Thanks for the encouragement, Ryan


<3 BB 


Kait Comiskey said...

good luck you're a badass. i'm right there with ya. the day i don't go back for that second piece of chocolate cake will be both sad and happy.

ps thanks for the eye candy

blsmith6 said...

preach it, brother!