How Bad Do You Want It?

So, after yesterday's workout fail post Bradley and I had a little heart to heart on what a struggle I have been lately we both want to accomplish when it comes to our workouts and personal health/fitness goals. Watching 4 hours of the Biggest Loser over two days will do that to a person.

To help with motivation, Brad printed out some eye candy inspiration to bring home yesterday.  A photo and quote from this talk.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." 

It's on the verge of over the top and corny, but yet it somehow still works or as Bradley puts it, makes you want to run through a brick wall after you watch it.  Not sure if the video has quite the same affect (effect? I always get them confused) on me, but it still gets me pumped up. 

I also found this cool tutorial on how to print off pictures of your personal goals/resolutions that I might attempt.  Maybe hang one or two up in my work cube to stare at 8 hours a day remind myself to stay positive and motivated. 

To kick start a new fitness routine Brad and I came up with a plan.  We decided to have a new weekly routine and get up early a few days a week before work to fit in additional cardio on top of our afternoon workouts.  I think I will benefit from this, because often times I am pretty dead after our gym workouts and the last thing I want to do is run another 3 miles. 

Speaking of the opposite of fun workouts, we did this at the gym yesterday: 

For time:

::50 x box jumps 24"
::50 x jumping pull-ups
::50 x kb swings 35#
::Walking lunges, 50 steps
::50 x knees to elbows 
::50 x push press 50#/40#
::50 x back extensions
::50 x wall ball 20#/15#
::50 x burpees
::50 x tuck jumps

Notes on this workout:  
::Brad finished in: 29:02 and I finished in 36:24. 
::The jumping pull-ups are nice because they are a little easier to complete since it is one pull-up at a time, but they also add an extra cardio element in addition to the pull-up. 
::Burpees suck.  I was moving along pretty well through the workout until I got to them. They for sure added a few extra mins to the workout.  I tried to break them up into sets of 10 and even that was hard. 
::We finished up with a 10-15 min cardio cool down and I was done-zo by the time we left the gym. 

What I was most proud of though, was the fact that I still forced myself out of bed this morning for some cardio at 5:14am!    

My goal is to stay motivated through the winter months, especially now that Willamette University Track officially starts next week and I will be driving down to Salem twice a week to help coach, which will take a big chunk of time out of my schedule.  Even more reason to get up early and get some workouts in! 

Cheers to Success! 

<3 BB 


a view from the front pack said...

Brooke, if you completed this in under 40 min, I'd say you are doing awesome. There are girls at my xfit gym who wouldn't even be able to do it in an hour (myself included).

Just keep setting goals and keep chipping at away at them on a day-to-day basis. It's a long road to get anywhere worth going (i.e. no more baby belly!)

blsmith6 said...

Thanks, Mama! ( I can call you that for reals now that you have had the little guy for 4 months!!) We'll keep each other motivated, deal?!