Hitting the Links!

Fun fact you may not know about me.... I cannot swallow two pills at once.  I just gagged while attempting to.  Happens every time.  And with that news ...   Happy Friday, here are some links!!

::Did anyone else feel this way after coming back from the Holidays?

::Brad informed me that today is National Trivia Day.  He then provided me this.  Fun fact about Brad, he stores the most useless random knowledge.  I can't complain too much though, it does make him a great game partner.  His dream is to be on Jeopardy.  I wish him luck, Alex can be a real bz.  (Also, Alex Trebek being a jerk is something that has already been searched on Google.. The more you know.)

::This dance will make you laugh and then you'll want to re-watch it at least 2 more times.

::This is one of Brad's and my goals for 2013 to hopefully accomplish together.  We cook at home most nights, but we have been lazy about what we fix.  Hoping to add a little more variety, you know spice things up a bit. punny, I know.

::I have never been one to strictly cut something out of my diet.  I think I know it's because I lack self control...but I am really trying to cut back on dairy and sugar minus everything I ate over the Holidays. One way I have attempted is to use Coconut Milk in my coffee as opposed to dairy creamer.

::Want to see this movie.  Major crush on Paul Rudd.  

::Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay may be one of my all time favorite songs.  This WSJ piece on how it came together is awesome.

::I have a J Crew gift card burning a hole in my wallet from Christmas.  Santa my parents really knows my style.  Might have to pull the trigger on this or head down to the Woodburn Company Stores soon.

::My love for Top Chef is still running strong after its 10th season (Sam is still my favsies!), but I agree, it could use a little boost.  Here are 9 things the show could benefit from.

That's a wrap, folks.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!  I have a fun evening ahead of me.  Brad turns 30 27 on Monday and he requested that for his celebration a group of us go to Goodwill to pick out our wardrobe for bowling and games at Big Al's.

Going to channel Macklemore for this.  Thinking my Grandpa's style will be a front runner, but I am going to let Goodwill speak to me and do no prior outfit planning before I get there.


<3 BB

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Kait Comiskey said...

i want to see that movie too!! although i think we are actually going to see the hobbit tonight...