Lucky Lab + Laughs

Friday night, Bradley, Tyler, and I hit up one of my favorite spots in Portland for a beverage and a round of darts before some laughs by the Sklar Brothers at Helium Comedy Club. If you have never been to Lucky Lab, I suggest you change that. 

 We hit up the Lab off of Hawthorne, because it is directly across the street from the comedy club we were going to later in the evening. And by late I mean reallllly late! Show didn't even start until 10 pm.
The Hawthorne location was the 1st of now 4 locations in Portland.  Check out its back story here, it's pretty legit and I love supporting local. The best part is they have a patio area, so you can bring your lab, or any other pup you might have!  I will definitely plan on bringing my puppy here once I can finally get one.  

When you first walk in to the Lab, there is a dartboard area set up, they even have a league night on Thursdays.  I am not that good. 

I went with their Dog Day IPA.  The boys each had a Super Dog IPA, which is just a little too hoppy for my taste. They said they got it it is because they are more manly than I am, but they went back for a second round and got the Dog Day like mine. So I am not sure how manly it really makes them...

Brad taught us how to play Cricket and I was winning, before we had to cut the game short, due to time.

Check out that grow out form.

The Paparazzi Tyler caught me in action.

Brad got excited, because he finallllly hit the bulls eye. (I had already hit it 4 times).

Tyler decided to take the baseball pitch approach.  Ask him how well that worked... hint: it didn't. 

After darts, we headed across the street to Helium, where I kind of felt like I was cheating on the other comedy club we usually go to, Harvey's. Overall, I really enjoyed the comedy, especially the Sklar Brothers (twins).  They are known for their show on the History Channel, United Stats of America, but I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of Helium as a comedy club.

I am not sure if it was the fact that the waitstaff took forever to get to us, perhaps it was when we got reprimanded for having our phones out, because you are not allowed to take video or picture; but I think what annoyed me the most was that the tickets were 24 dollars a piece and then they still expected you to each order 2 things off their menu. Do they think Brad is I am made of money?! When the waitress brought the check for Brad and I and we had only each ordered one item, she definitely 'reminded us for next time' that we were supposed to have each ordered 2 items. Oh I am sorry, my purchased ticket and dessert wasn't enough for you? Too bad there probably won't be a next time, I will stick to Harvey's.

Tyler did snap this pic on the sly, just to spite the club, which I totally supported. Does that make me a bad person? 

At the end of the night, the laughs were worth it though, I really like the twins' style of humor and the opening acts were also funny, which is always a bonus. 

Cheers to Lucky lab + Laughs, 

<3 BB 


Anonymous said...

I'm the worst at darts - make sure I'm never caught playing on camera!

Brad Snook said...

Way to lie and say you were winning when we left. I had definitely retaken the lead by then. Don't believe the lies on this blog everyone!

blsmith6 said...

my blog. my rules.

Leah said...

I always will order the cheapest thing for the two drink/item minimum, even if it means an iced tea and a cup of coffee. my way of fighting the power! ;)

Jenni Bost said...

I love Lucky Lab! Fun, fun... although, I have to say I really cracked up once I read the comments!

blsmith6 said...

I think I was mostly annoyed with the fact that they made you buy the ticket annnnnd pay for two items. One or the other, people! But I will definitely have to keep in mind two coffees it is next time!

blsmith6 said...

there was no winner ever determined before we had to leave, so I was in the lead in my book!