Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.29.13

Happy Tuesday All My Lovelies,

Bradley leaves for a week starting today and has left me with a fridge that resembles something of a college frat boy's or Joey Tribbiani's doing.

It's like an episode of Chopped up in here, what can one make with these basket ingredients: Sriracha, maple syrup, and peanut butter? I would obviously use the eggs for my protein, but would be hurting to come up with something to give my dish that extra textural element and color variety...but I digress....looks like grocery shopping is on my agenda for the evening after I get back from coaching track down in Salem. Will definitely have to keep Jessi's post about meal planning in mind when I head to the store.  My life is cool, I know.

Anyways, now that I am officially hungry, here are your weekly tunes.

The Middle East :: Blood
If you actually listen to the lyrics, this song is horribly depressing, covering topics like death and cancer...I have mentioned before here on Tunesday that sad songs are probably my favorite songs.  Not that I am a depressing soul, but because I think they tell the best stories and really convey the most believable messages. Blood does just that. (maybe I shouldn't have started the week with this song...shmeh, oh well)

Bon Iver :: Wash {St. South Rexmix} 
The female lead in this remix just gives this song that extra layer. Takes it to a new level, I think.

The Strokes :: One Way Trigger 
The Strokes can really do no wrong in my eyes.  This new tune is quite different than a lot of their previous work, but I am digging it.  The falsetto is impressive. Side note: when I was googling falsetto to make sure I was spelling it correctly, this youtube popped up. Let's all learn how to falsetto and then just use it in daily conversation, thoughts?

Miguel :: Tiny Desk Concert {NPR}
I have been a Miguel fan for a little while now. There is something about his sound and voice that is just sexy.  I enjoy it.

How To Dress Well :: Running Back 
Is this electronic? Is this r&b?  I can't really tell, but I love it.

Local Natives :: Heavy Feet
Local Natives has a new album and this is their second single from it.  Great stuff on their new album, but still has that classic Local Natives sound. More please!

The Lone Bellow :: Angel From Montgomery
This last one is too cool for YouTube, which, I mean, I get that... there is a lot of dumb stuff on that site like this, but don't let that stop you from giving this song a chance.  I mentioned a while back that this group would be a band you should know is 2013, so far they are not disappointing.

Cheers to another day of great music and grocery shopping!

<3 BB


Elena @ CDACN said...

I hate grocery shopping with the kids so our fridge looks like this fairly often. Last month we had family over and Chris' mom likes to eat out. By the time she left the only thing in my fridge was a half drank bottle of wine, some beer and 7 take out boxes with left overs. I felt like I'd gone back in time to college days.

Melinda Ott said...

Sometimes I think I only have condiments in my fridge...sigh!

blsmith6 said...

but with leftover boxes, comes next day's lunch and that is my favorite :)

blsmith6 said...

seriously! how does this happen?!

Anonymous said...

The fridge photo makes me crave some chocolate milk!! Adding that to my list!

Adi Edlen said...

Looks like my fridge and I HATE grocery shopping. I'd rather be buying shoes!!!!

Jennifer Fulford said...

My favorite, by far, was Miguel and the NPR Tiny Desk concert. Can you say sizzle? Oh man, oh man. He's a hottie.

Meagan Shamy said...

You keep peanut butter in the fridge? I've never seen that before. How come?

blsmith6 said...

that's what they call baby making music!

blsmith6 said...

It is the all natural kind of PB so the oil gets separated if you leave it at room temp.

blsmith6 said...

I might have drank it straight from the jug since Brad is gone :)

blsmith6 said...

omg shoes!