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Here is my rant of the day (and yes judge me if you want, because it is a totally superficial rant)...

Who makes a shoe that runs so large it should be ordered 1 size smaller than what you normally wear!? Not just a half size, but an ENTIRE size smaller. So.Stupid...And I know what you're thinking, Brooke why didn't you read the reviews or the sizing chart before you bought them online? Do you know what I have to say in response to that:  I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!

If I know my bigass foot is a size 9.5, I should be able to order every pair of shoes I ever buy in a size 9.5 and they should fit, period. Sizing should be universal. Why don't shoe makers (and clothing makers for that matter) understand this idea?! It's not rocket science, really. I mean, if I can come up with the concept, anyone can!

It doesn't hurt my ego to order the 9.5 as opposed to a 9 or 8.5 or buy the Large instead of the Medium or Small, just to make me feel tiny.  What I want is to be able to know that I am a one size and be done with it.  This is why I have a love/hate relationship with online shopping, unless it's a brand I know well and can trust their sizing to stay consistent, thanks J. Crew, I have a hard time pulling the metaphorical, online trigger. I thought I was in the clear when it came to shoes and so I ordered these shoes a few weeks ago, but noooooo.  They had to go and ruin my trust when it comes to buying shoes online now, too.

Such a hassle to order the smaller size, have them bill me again, return the other pair, pay for my own return shipping, and wait for a refund on the first pair. #firstworldproblems my life is so hard, pray for me.

My on sale for $29.99 + free shipping booties just became $41.33. Thanks a lot additional return shipping costs. We have already discussed this, I am trying to ball on a budget here. suck it.

Shame on me for not using Zappos and their free shipping both ways.

I was super tempted to just return them and not order a new pair, but who was I kidding!? At this point I was invested, annoyed, but still invested and really just liked the booties too much to not try the smaller size. 

The silver lining in all of this (side note: do yourself a favor and go see Silver Linings Playbook) is even with the shipping charges my booties are still half as much as similar ones I like such as these.

And the best part! They came yesterday and I love them :)

It was worth the wait and the extra shipping.

ps, say hi to my work desk. 

Cheers to miss new booties!

<3 BB 

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