Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.15.13

Nothing crazy to report on my end, I live vicariously through the cray, cray girls on The Bachelor instead. I am looking at you Tierra! Ps. Who names their child Tierra?! I mean, really. Lesley is my front runner as of right now, but that all may change after a few more episodes...Oh man, I can't believe I just admitted to you all that I watch the show. I need a life.   Thank the Lord I recorded The Biggest Loserso I can watch it without commercials tonight!  That show makes me feel a little bit better about my choices in life.  Anyway, here is some quality music to prove not all my taste is horrible.

Leo Stannard :: Sweet Nothing

This young lad has an awesome voice.  If you want to dabble more in his stuff I suggest trying this song.

Ra Ra Riot :: When I Dream

New Ra Ra Riot is never a bad thing and I really enjoy this song. It has a lot of going on with the strings and the finger snaps, but it still has a very laid back vibe too.

David Ramirez :: Find the Light

Less indie and more folk here with David Ramirez, but it's pretty and hopeful sounding.

ANR :: It's Around You

Because I know you're curious, ANR stands for: Awesome New Republic.  Another interesting fact, this song and video were made during Hurricane Irene (the band is from South Florida).  

Zach Hurd :: Brooklyn Raining

So to be honest I really wanted to showcase a different Zach Hurd song, She Never Sleeps, but could not find it on YouTube for the life of me.  Good news though, this song might be even more legit, plus it features my name.  It's from the same album so it has the same vibe.  You can find the rest of his music on Spotify if you're interested.

Chilly Gonzales :: You Can Dance 

Doesn't this song just make you want to dance in your ivory tower?! No, just me?!  Ok, I will dance on my own then.

Allen Stone :: Six Years (Tingsek Cover)

Background on this song, the artist Tingsek was on tour with Allen Stone, when Brad and I saw him a few months ago. Six Years is actually his song, but this is Allen's cover of it.  I really enjoyed Tingsek's version when we saw them live too!

That's all for today, folks. Happy Tunesday!

<3 BB 

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