#backthatazzup into a real blog

Heyyyyyyy ladies and gents, 

This little baby blog of mine. I'm gonna let it shine. oh wait...

Guess what, I am a really bad blogger and also really bad with dates.  I definitely missed my 1 year blogger anniversary.  Who does that?!  Me! I do that.  I don't even know if Brad and I have an anniversary, and if we do I couldn't tell you what day it is. Whatever. Even with me being a big dummy, I have noticed that I am starting to have a real blog over here and have taken some big girl steps in the world of 'real blogging' to help it grow. Starting with figuring out Google Analytics.  Yes, I had my blog almost a year, before I actually started using it. So sue me.

I also broke down and bought a domain name. Say hello to babblingbrookelyn.com. seeya never blogspot.com. Danica Patrick even called and left me a voicemail from GoDaddy to welcome me to the team. Totally went fan girl!!! oh wait... it was a recording.

I also made a new blog button that you can find on the right sidebar.... and I set up a passion fruit account for advertising. (For all you non-bloggers out there, you probably don't care about that last part). For anyone else that would like to sponsor my blog, I wouldn't hate it :)  I only have one sponsor option up right now and it is just the sidebar button placement, but am looking to add a few more options soon!

babbling brookelyn

Also, everyone knows that Google Reader is going away right?! I am not crushing your dreams by telling you that news now?  Make sure to follow me over at BlogLovin' or Feedly.  I have always used Bloglovin' to follow all of my favorite blogs, so I am not totally sure why everyone is losing their shit over it, but the more I investigate Feedly, the more I think I like it.

Lastly, people are actually starting to leave comments about the things I write! It's like they actually enjoy my blog or something. It's weird, I know. Luckily, for me they have all been positive so far and I love interacting with more and more people!  When I fist took the plunge and started commenting on blogs and responding to people that commented on mine, I was doing it all wrong. I was a big struggle like Nadine was.....but then Kailyn changed my blogging life for the better with this tutorial. So now I can reply to comments right from my email and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Moral of the story, DON'T BE A NO-REPLY BLOGGER. So go now, double check to make sure you're all set up right!

Ok enough about me, I am sure you're tired of me whoring myself and my blog out. Let's get ready for the weekend and #backthatazzup with Whitney.

Back when Mariah was innocent and young. I miss this Mariah! 
Hurry up Friday! I want to spend the first hot weekend in Portland by the pool!!!! 
<3 BB 


JumpingJE said...

So proud of you and your little baby bloggy! :) Cute button, teach me oh wise blog master!

kailyn marie said...

omg yes, yes yes yes. this song!

heather @ fieryandopinionated said...

happy birthday to your blog! i'm awful with dates, too - chris and i don't have an 'anniversary'. enjoy the pool this weekend!

Kalyn V said...

I'm getting a domain too! But i'm waiting because I want to coordinate it with my name change and new design. Yay girl you having g sponsors :).

Anonymous said...

Happy one year!!!

Kelly Louise said...

MARIAH!!!! <3
congrats on your 1 year!! I'm still at "one post" haha.


Laura Ann said...

Yay to a year!! Young Mariah is just the ticket today. I'll be by the pool too! I was SO ready for summer to start.

Cortney said...

Happy belated anniv!! Paul counts our 1 year anniv as the day I grabbed his ass at a Boyz 2 Men concert so sometimes it's just better not to remember dates. Proud of your big blogger ways!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I loved that Mariah! She was so cute then!

Congrats on all the new fancy blog stuff and yay for calling out no-reply bloggers. That drives me insane (although I was one for a while and didn't know it back in the day).

Happy weekend!

Classy with a Kick

Lauren said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! And that song is awesome. I may have listened to that entire CD a few weeks ago at work... And if there are any secrets to your sudden blogging success, feel free to share them with me!

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley said...

Wow, you've only been blogging a year? You're great at it!

Major congrats on the domain name--I loooove how easy it is to set that up through Blogger, totally totally worth the $10/year! Aaaw yeah!!!

Jenni Bost said...

So exciting! Your blog is looking fabulous and you're doing an amazing job with it. Congrats!