need a vacation after someone else's vacation

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after someone else's vacation?! Brad's sister and her hubs got here on Thursday night and we were busy all weekend playing tour guide.  Of course I took a lot of awesome photos like a good blogger should....but didn't get them uploaded or edited like the not so good blogger I actually am ;) So I'll leave you with some instavom until I get a chance to catch up on life. 

Portland Rose Garden isn't messing around.  They don't call Portland the Rose City for nothin'

The view of the Columbia River from the Vista House is fantastic. 

Managed to sneak away from being tour guide for a few hours for the Timbers game.  Where they got the W and are sitting top of the West. Heyyyyyo! 

One of the MANY great food establishments we hit up over the weekend. IPAz for dayz. Love Deschutes

And now I need to sleep, but I don't think my boss would be amused to find me asleep at my desk, but then again maybe he would? I should probably try it and see what happens. 

Anyway, I'll try and be a better blogger tomorrow, but am not making promises. 

<3 BB 

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view of the river! Hope you have an easy day today after your weekend of entertaining!

Tami said...

UGH know the feeling. like you didn't have a weekend! but glad yall had a good time. ME WANT PICS

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I SOOO agree. Every time someone comes to visit, I need a vacation after they leave. It's fun to have guests but so exhausting. And my laundry situation is horrid afterwards. It seriously takes me 3 weeks just to catch up!

Classy with a Kick

Kristen said...

I know exactly how you feel, you def need a vacation after someone else's vacation! & I'm lovin the pics as always!

Lizzie D said...

Know the feeling! Nice pictures!

Jenni Bost said...

I totally understand. We are going on vacation this next week and.... I've discovered... vacations with a toddler isn't quite like the vacations I'm used to from the before-child-years. Then we have family coming here after. I'm pretty much going to check out for the next three weeks! I hope you get some rest!

Melinda Ott said...

Great pictures....and I almost ALWAYS need a vacation after someone else's vacation!

Morgan said...

Those roses and that river are beautiful! Hopefully you can get some rest soon!

MacKensie said...

Has anyone ever told you your boyf looks like Ezra Fitz?

Bonnie said...

I agree. Sometimes after a busy weekend, often my own doing, I need a vacation. Good luck tomorrow...hopefully you'll get in the groove. Side-note, I'm such a slacker for not having gone to the rose gardens yet! Almost 3 years living here, no excuse.