i do not whine, kids whine - tough mudder #2

So they say you're crazy if you do a Tough Mudder more than once,  I guess that makes me, Brad, and Jessi, quite crazy then (we also dragged Jessi's boyfriend Dan out for his first experience) !!! Our second Tough Mudder is in the books and we didn't even have to travel all the way to Canada to do it this time.  Let me tell you....

It was awesome. 

It was warm. 

It was long. twss

It was hilly. 

And it was MUDDY!!!! 

10 plus miles, 19 obstacles, and lots of rocks and hills that weren't even obstacles just part of the course.  The Wilson Ranches Retreat in Fossil, Or. is where the event was held and it was the perfect location for a mudder.

You can check out the photos they posted on their facebook album to get a better idea of all the events. 

Before the mud.

Pre-Race. So fresh and so clean, clean. 


Stole that one from their facebook.  It was right as I was climbing out from the Arctic Enema aka ice water that we had to go all the way under in. Also lost the head band from the photo above in that obstacle. Whoopsies. 

Here is someone's Go-Pro Video of the race: 

And here are the after photos:

We made it!!!


This wasn't even the muddiest we got during the race.

A beer had never tasted so good! 

I'm cool, I know. not

We got head bands and shirts and our pride for finishing a second mudder! 

Things to take away from Tough Mudder number 2: 

::It is a lot more pleasant to do when the weather is warm.  The water obstacles are refreshing, even if said obstacles may have cow shit in the them. Unlike Whistler, BC where it was 32 degrees and multiple obstacles involved the snow that was present. 

::They aren't lying when they say the electroshock is live. Got zapped more than once and it wasn't that great of a feeling, but I didn't black out so there's that? 

::Being able to pull yourself up over walls and obstacles is a big advantage. 

::But you definitely need teamwork to make the dream work to finish the race. 

::You should totally sign up for one in your area!!!! 

::The permanent marker is really hard to get off your face and body even the next day.  I might be rocking my number on my arms and legs a little bit at work today. 


<3 BB
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Kalyn V said...

That sounds like so much fun! I've definitely got to look into doing one of those. Great job on finishing your second one!

kailyn marie said...

get it girrrrrllll! I wanna do one, but I'd rather not dip into cow shit, kthanks.

Anonymous said...

You are so kick ass! Love the photos!

Lauren said...

Great pics! Love that you are still smiling at the end (or maybe because it was the end?). Electric shocks and cow stuff? I'm not sure which is worse!

Kristen said...

This looks like so. much. fun! y'all looked like total badasses! :)

Lala H said...

you guys must have a lot of fun to be smiling after all those muds all over you1 Great pics
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Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I don't think I can deal with all that mud but it does look fun! And a beer is SOO needed after that! Maybe 3 or 4!

Classy with a Kick

MacKensie said...

Look at that sexy ass couple! Daaaaayuummmmm. Way to be a badass.

Staci said...

I will just stand wayyyy far over here and cheer you on. These things look PAINFUL

Bad Luck Jenn said...

#icant. You're awesome.


Fit With Flash said...

SOMEBODY'S a badass.... #itsyou #highfive

OrangeMew said...

You are badass when a criteria for the experience is whether you black out during it. Bad Ass.