#backthatazzup tough mudder style

Do you ever just have one of those evenings....

::The kind where you're late to an appointment because of traffic, your gas light comes on half way through the commute, annnnnd you have to pee. Not sure if I am the only one, but I PANIC as soon as my gas light comes on, because the one time I didn't panic I ran out of gas. Embarrassing.

::The kind where you walk in the door and the first thing your boyfriend tells you is you smell like beef jerky. (We later discovered it was from the sweatshirt I put on, hadn't been washed since the weekend and it still smelled like campfire.) 

::The kind where you go to the grocery store and you're smelling new shampoos and it squirts up into your nose. facial.

::The kind where you buy these awesome treats:

because you're cutting out dairy, but then when you go to open the container they spill all over the sink and counter, 3 of which ended up down in the garbage disposal. WAHHHHHHHHHH

No?! Just me?! Cool.

Needles to say, all those Almond bites were gone by the time I went to bed last night and I am extra glad it is Friday.

Also, if you're curious I made it to my appointment in time and didn't run out of gas. It was for a massage and don't get all ohhh and ahhh for me, this was not your normal, relaxing, happy massage.  This was a massage done by the sports massage therapist that worked on me in college for track.  It's deep tissue and it's painful, BUT they are the most beneficial massages I have ever had when it comes to preparing for an event.  I have been having knee and back pain and I think it has to do with my tight hip flexors so I am trying to get them loosened up before this weekend's TOUGH MUDDER

::Speaking of, go check out Jessi's weekend links that are Tough Mudder style. Great Transition into this week's links, Brooke

::Just a few pie charts, you know, very educational ones.

::In honor of Fathers Day.

::37 things to consider before moving to Portland.


::Season 2 of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee has arrived!!!!!

Also, it wouldn't be Friday if I didn't #backthatazzup, so we're gonna #backthatazzup Tough Mudder style. 

Get some! 

last year 

So ready. 

Yes, that would be the beef jerky, camp fire sweatshirt, in case you were wondering. 


<3 BB 


Cre'shea said...

I mean did you seriously need to remind us that you have abs?? SMH.

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley said...

I have nights like that. Reminders to practice my mindfulness and inner peace or something. Haha. I try. ;)

Love those Portland truths. All spot on. Haha the first world problems meme is the best, too...

Have fun at that crazy event! You guys are hardcore! ;) My husband did Warrior Dash a couple of times and had a great time. Have an awesome weekend!!!

Amy (So There, by Amy) said...

Those Almond Dream bites sound amazing!! I am going to have to look for those :)
Found you through Whitney's #backthatazzup Friday! have a great weekend!

Heather Marie said...

good luck with tough mudder!! I can;'t wait to hear how it goes.

ps i want to try those almond dream bites! where did you find them? I gotta have em now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what is your secret to those abs?

Lauren said...

I get so much anxiety over the gas light, it's ridiculous. Meanwhile, my husband drives the car beyond E just to prove it can be done. Even though I know it's unlikely I will run out of gas, I can't handle it! Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I freak out when I am almost out of gas and when the light goes on...forget about it, I am in full on panic!

Cre'shea said...

is it blogging?

kailyn marie said...

why you gotta be such a twig. bitch.

p.s. my car tells me how many miles I have left in my tank. I panic when I have 5 miles left, cos I like to wait that long.

brooke lyn said...

haha yes blogging and burpees !


Almond Dream Bites?! OMG I need to try those!

Ginny @ Buttergirl Diaries said...

Girlie you are so fricken cute! Yes, I've definitely had those gas tank issues. I've ran out of gas about 3 times now on the road. My mom constantly tells me how bad it is, but I guess I'm stll in my 16 year old mind. Haha. I think, "I can go another 10 miles. I'm good!" ...No, no your not good. you are out of gas on the side of the highway....not fun!


MacKensie said...

AHHHH I wanna do one soooo bad. When's the next one? I've been wanting to see what all this Portland business is about.. Running/obstacle/muddy/torture blate?! Also, I can't buy those almond bites for the exact reason that they are GONE in a matter of minutes. SO GOOD.

Jenni Bost said...

Bahahaha... you crack me up. (Facial? OMG) Also, I totally freak every time the gas light comes on!