#backthatazzup into my birthday week

Happy One Week Until My Birthday, Folks!

Get excited

::And if you're feeling generous buy me this for my birthday;)

::Or better yet, get me one of these.

::Whatever.Loser.I will cut you.

::Check out this interview with Macklemore as he decodes some of the lyrics to one of his songs and his struggle with alcohol.  

::I want to do something better with my life, like this

::You should probably be a fan of my friend Erin O'Neill now, so when she is a big timer you'll already be in the know. (So hipster of you)

::This is sometimes read all times why I run.

::Weird ways to burn 200 calories.

::11 types of people we should unfriend in real life.

::And for #backthatazzup I leave you with a glorious song and video.

Because, who doesn't need a little Lionel in their life once in a while?! 

Cheers to the weekend! 
<3 BB 


JumpingJE said...

Birthday Weeeeeeek! Remember how lame your sister thought we were when I got you a monogrammed cutting board last year? Shit, we're all grown up.

Brittany @ Pro-Soup Propaganda said...

Yeeeaaahhhh!! Happy one week until your birthday! I hope you celebrate your actual birthday with a full week of birthday celebration! That's what I did, at least. ;o)

Rachel Sedaker said...

Of course I needed that Lionel. Have an awesome weekend!

Lauren said...

Annnnd now that song is stuck in my head for like three months. Thanks... Have a great weekend!

Meg {henninglove} said...

yay your birthday is coming up!!! yippee!!! have a great weekend beautiful!

Laura Ann said...

Yay! Happy almost b-day!

Caroline said...

I expect you to celebrate your pre-birthday weekend accordingly! Go crazy!!

MacKensie said...

YOU CAN HAVE THE BULLDOG I LIVE WITH. I just cleaned up his shit off the carpet for, like, the 12th time this month. Also, I love all your links. Always.

MacKensie said...


Anonymous said...

We have the same birthday! And the exact same reasons for running....sorry not sorry! I just love eating!


Kasey Lynne said...

I'll buy us both puppies...because I can't buy you one and not get one for myself! I know, i know...pretty dang selfish of me.

That video with Mackelmore was pretty interesting...it gives a lot of insight into his lyrics and his music.