my jams and not so jams

Things that are not my jam: 

::Finding this cherry stem down my shirt yesterday after I ate cherries.

But no really, how in the heck did you get there? So confused and scratchy. 

::Also not my jam, having our dryer break yesterday in the middle of laundry and having to lay two loads worth of clothes out around the apartment. 

Things that are my jam: 

::This dinner - featuring green beans from the farmers market and fresh cucumbers from my Grandparent's garden. So delish. 

::Another thing that is my jam. This workout being over. 

Worst 7 mins of my life, but it was a beautiful feeling when it was over.  Finished with 81 burpees.  Went for 11-12 burpees per min and gave my self a little rest time at the end of each min.  If I do it again, I will probably try and get a few more each min, maybe even attempt to do 100+.  We shall see..... 

Speaking of Jams... (see what I did there) Here is some music I have been playing on repeat lately. 

Cold Specks :: Blank Maps
Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Check out this stripped KEXP version too!
Basecamp :: Emmanuel 
This song is just sexy. Very James Blake meets The Weekend.
Panama Wedding :: All Of The People
This band has a very Phoenix vibe. Happy go lucky feel to them. I dig it.
Hunter Hunted :: Keep Together 
There are just certain songs that sound like summer, this is one of those songs. 
Icona Pop :: All Night
I love it. Get it? It's a play on her other hit. 
Fractures :: Twisted 
I think I have maybe posted this song before, but am too lazy to check. Either way it's great, you should listen. 
From the Airport :: Colors 
I can't get enough electronic pop these days. Music like this just puts me in a good place.
Adrian Lux Featuring Dante Kinnunen :: Burning 
The lyrics of this song aren't quite as happy (the light we had is burning out), but I still enjoy it. 
Cheers to jams (and not the strawberry kind, although that's good too!)!
<3 BB 


Kait said...

def trying out that burpee challenge, i'll keep you updated.

Lauren said...

Fresh green beans are the best healthy food ever. Now I'm craving them rather than chocolate as per my usual so thanks for that.

JumpingJE said...

Thinking of 81 burpees makes me feel like I wanna vom. Can I try 81 with unlimited time?? GO GIRL! (ps, love following you on spotify because I can listen as you build your playlist)

Anonymous said...

ugh, burpees are the worst. the program i do has me doing power squats to burpees for FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT. not fun but totally awesome at the same time.

Kasey Lynne said...

Not gonna lie, burpees are not fun and I'll never do them again. They really really suck. But rock on for doing so many in 7 minutes. Show off ;)

Brittany Kyte said...

I have totally done that before where somehow what I am eating makes its way into my shirt.. or bra. Fantastic :)

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I am scared of that burpee challenge but I am totally going to do it. Maybe 5 minutes though...

And I have found plenty of random things in my bra...no explanation. It's weird. At least you ate cherries...otherwise that would be even stranger!

Classy with a Kick

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh dont worry we have all had those items later we found and we say how the heck did that end up there? second that green bean side dish dinner looks delish, anything fresh from the farmers market is certainly my jam!

Sara in Texas said...

My bra eats more popcorn than I do at movies! It's a mystery. A gross mystery.

Kailagh said...

Anything from the farmers market is literally so great. Not only is it healthy for you, but its clean and local! You literally can not go wrong. Also, I love love love greenbeans!

xo. Kailagh