Highlight Reel

Just a few highlights form the past few days!

First off - I think I have a problem... a concert problem.  Last week I went out not once, but twice on a work night for concerts.  As you all know, I saw Citizen Cope last Sunday and then on Thursday night I got to celebrate the birth of my dear friend Erica by seeing the oh-so-lovely Ron Pope.

But before we had Ron Pope sing to our sweet souls we had to feed our starving bellies.  We tried a place called Yakuza Lounge in North East Portland that my friend Jessi had recommended.  Like always I was too intimidated to take photos with the big camera, but the sushi was super yummy and the ambiance was lovely. The only small complaint we had was the service was a little slow, but if you're not in a hurry then it's not really an issue.

Next, we hit up Salt & Straw on Alberta.  Wow is their Cinnamon and Snicker Doodle ice cream amazing.  I paired it with their Coffee and Buron and they complimented each other perfectly.

The concert itself was everything I had hoped for.  Small venue (that had seating, my grandma back was thankful!), intimate show, great music and we even got to chit-chat with Mr. Pope for a second after the show. I was a HAPPY GIRL! 

 Ron Pope, you're perfect for me

The rest of the weekend I played nurse to my little sister and hung out with my family.  She now has a brand new ACL and started rehabbing the day after surgery.  The doc said she could have surgery day off, but after that it is time to put in work and I am super impressed with how much she is doing so quickly. as Nike says #makeitcount.

Someone got caught napping in between exercise sets

 Big 'ol brace

 It's so long, #twss

We colored in the super awesome Sesame Street coloring book I picked up, played with Legos, and had the longest game of Jenga ever.  (you know, pretty much things any 5 year old boy might enjoy).

 Cops and robbers anyone? 

 Didn't even need directions. Haha that's a joke.

Who doesn't love Jenga? 

 I am choosing not to say who won

Annnnnd my favorite highlight of the weekend was finally getting my new glasses that I had ordered.  Ever since I was little I have always loved picking out new glasses and then I get super impatient when I have to wait for them to be ordered.  I ended up with a cute pair of nerdy glasses (oxymoron?).  I had my eye on a pair of Tom Ford frames, but they were a lot more expensive and looked a lot like the ones I ended up with, so all in all I was happy with the Roxy ones I ended up with.  Look at my being fiscally responsible. 

nerd alert

Cheers to another weekend without rain!

<3 BB

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