Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.9.12

Hellllllllo All,

Just a few items to take care of this morning before the music.  Mom - if you click on the title of the song it will now send you to the YouTube link, since your Kindle Fire won't play it directly from the blog site. Okay, that was all, business has been attended to. Carry On.....

William Elliott Whitmore :: Hell Or High Water 

My dear friend Courtney shared this artist with me and I am a big fan.  His raspy voice is everything I love, plus he can play the banjo and who doesn't love that!?

Kodaline :: All I Want 

Depressing. Beautiful.  What's more to say? 

Ellie Goulding feat. Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love

Gosh, I just love her voice and Calvin Harris is holding his own as usual. Just makes you want to get your dance on.

Jon Bellion :: Paper Planes 

I mean the guy has pipes and then out of no where he does that whole I am going to rap at you, but kind of still be talking and yet it works.  I dig it.

Fedde Le Grand :: So Much Love 

*If* I ever did drugs, I would want to do them at a festival like that. Music. Dancing. Energy.  (side note: don't worry family, I am not doing drugs, nor do I intend to pick the habit up any time soon.)

Ron Pope :: I Do Not Love You

The title is deceiving.  You are so sneaky RPope. Keeping us on our toes.  Can't get enough of him after the concert. 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert :: Same Love 

I have posted this song before, but last week Macklemore released the official video.  All I can say is both the message and the video are moving.  (Plus, I am seeing him live on Thursday). Double Win!  

Cheers to Tunesday! 

<3 BB

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