New Purchase!

So I broke down and finally bought a coffee maker for the new place (well not really new, was Brad's place, now it is the place I also live, but those are just semantics). Annnnnd the best part: it was on a temporary price cut, thank you very much.

I'll be your barista this morning. 

Anyway, when I lived with my cousin Kyndra she had a coffee maker so I just borrowed hers. However, since the recent move I have been lazy.  Brad doesn't drink coffee, he says it taste like AIDS - I didn't realize it had a taste, nor do I want to know where Brad found that out, but I guess you learn something new everyday. Instead of making my own coffee I had just been buying the Starbucks Via Ready Brew or even worse buying actual Starbucks drinks multiple times a week.  Both of these options were definitely not being friendly on my wallet.   This little video does a good job of explaining the benefits of brewing coffee at home.

I am really trying to be responsible with my money these days and cut back where I can (I even cut back on my NetFlix account, seeya DVDs).  Sadly, multiple trips to Starbucks a week needs to stop.  Earlier in the year I had made it a goal to only get it on the weekends as a treat (and occasionally during the week), but had fallen off that horse for a bit. Not to mention the fact that Starbucks drinks aren't what one would call healthy. Many would also argue that my vanilla and pumpkin spice creamers aren't either, but I am proud of myself for cutting wayyyy back on the amount I add.

Plus, my fun coffee maker has the delay brewing option, so I can get it all ready at night and then have the smell of coffee wake me up in the morning.  Ok, it doesn't quite happen that way - I don't rise out of bed as soon as the aroma hits my nose, with birds chirping out my window, but it is nice to have the smell in the kitchen when I finish getting ready on time. This will also be super nice come Friday morning after the late night Macklemore concert tomorrow!

And even though I would love for someone to buy me my Keurig, this will suffice for the moment, plus those little KCups add up.

Cheers to Coffee :)

<3 BB

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