Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.30.12

Happy Tuesday! Here are some tunes to get you through dealing with that bz Sandy. (Unless you're on the East Coast without power, then for that I say sorry, folks)

yuna :: thinkin' bout you 

This gal opened for Allen Stone last week at Mississippi Studios and did this awesome cover.  The loops are fantastic.

tingsek :: goodbye 

Tingsek also opened for Allen Stone last week and it makes sense why.  They both have that hippie/soul vibe going on.  Plus, he is from Sweden, so you know he's cool.

nude beach :: some kinda love

Brad hooked me up with this video, the song is catchy and make sure you actually watch the video, the commentary that comes with is quite entertaining.

dead man's bones :: in the room where you sleep

I mean 1 part Ryan Gosling (it's his band in case you were not aware he has a band). 1 part creepy Halloween vibe, ya dig?

yellow red sparks :: happiness comes in a box 

Yellow Red Sparks opened for ZZ Ward last week. I enjoyed them.

Lastly, I don't think this is up on YouTube yet, but if you like a good stripped down performance check out this latest Tiny Desk Concert from Passion Pit over on NPR.  Good stuff.

Cheers to Tunesday, but not to Sandy!

<3 BB

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