Being Crafty Is Hard

So sometimes I just never learn.

Getting my craft on is one of those things that I always think is going to be a good idea and then about halfway through roaming Michael's my project I want to give up and go buy whatever I was attempting to make. Not to mention, by the time you have purchased all the materials it was probs still cheaper to just go buy the finished product anyway. This blog and this blog share my feelings when it comes to crafting.

Anyway, not learning from previous crafting attempts gone wrong, this past weekend my friend Erica and I tried to complete a few projects.

She wanted to tackle this one.

I picked up materials for this and this.

And we both wanted to make this:

If the devil came in DIY Form.

In the gal's tutorial for DIY Chevron Stripes she uses the term {VOILA!}.  Let me just tell you now, there is nothing {VOILA!} about it.  

First she has you make a 1 inch x 1 inch grid on your canvas and then add the painters tape like this: 

About half way through penciling out our grid, we realized this was a horrible idea, because the white area we weren't painting was going to have pencil marks all over. 

Then, after we cut out what felt like a million 4 inch strips of tape, we realized that the grid did not really provide us good angles for the zig-zag. 

Finally after attempting multiple times to make the zags match I said 'eff it gave up and painted it. 

Of course with the number of times I moved the tape around the pieces lost some of their stickyness and grey paint definitely got under the tape. (side note: I enjoy using grey not gray.)

So now I have this beautiful  masterpiece. It's hard to tell from the pic, but there are pencil lines all over the white area and the gray is all up in there too.  If I dare try to fix it, I think my best option will be to get white paint and fill in the chevron area.  With my luck though, I will end up spilling the white paint all over the gray area and then using the canvas as a target to throw javelins at. 

Plus the one project took so much time, Erica and I were not able to finish all the crafts we had set out to do.  Luckily, her vases did turn out great and my glitter pumpkin is pretty boss: 

Also, got a new app on the iPhone, prepare to see awesome photos with writing all.the.time.

I still need to make my coasters, but we will wait until I have forgotten how much I hate crafting and then do this all over again. 

Cheers to DIY!  

<3 BB 

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