That One Time...

I had ice cream and went to a concert.  Surprise, surprise.  

Last night a small group of us ventured over to the East Side of the river to check out Local artist ZZ Ward who had a show at the Doug Fir Lounge. (PS. Check out the Doug Fir, if you get a chance.  Venue is super legit and very deceiving from the outside. Retro gone Forest Service.) Buttttt before we could get our concert on we first had to stop at Salt & Straw.  Yum. I have mentioned it before, but do yourself a favor and try their Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. You wont be sorry.

Zsuzsanna aka ZZ Ward killed it and had a great show.  I may be a little bias due to the fact that I now feel like I am a celb by association since we went to high school together.  You can pull that card when there are less than 300 kids in your entire high school.

Either way I was super impressed! She has come so far since talent shows in the Glide gym and I am super pumped for her.  She has what she calls a Dirty Shine vibe with her mix of blues, hip hop, soul, her raspy voice, and don't for get the harmonica!   The girl made the harmonica look and sound sexy, which is quite impressive if you ask me.

  Fact:  ZZ Ward is hotter with a harmonica than the lead singer of Blues Travelers

Not even a challenge. 

Sadly, I didn't stick around after the show, because I had a bedtime that was wayyyyy past due and had to get up early.  I am super glad I decided to go though, because when I first saw she was going to be in town, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make the show.   She is headed down to Eugene tonight, if you are in the area you should definitely check her out!!! 

ZZ Ward just droppin' caskets like it 'aint no thing!

Cheers to Oregon Talent! 

<3 BB 

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