Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.23.12

Feeling pretty giving this week when it comes to Tunesday!  Either that or there has just been a lot of music I have been digging this past week.  Enjoy!

Bruno Mars :: Locked Out of Heaven 

Bruno has a new album coming out in December.  Not a huge fan of him, but then sometimes I secretly enjoy his stuff.  This is one of those songs. Also, does the beginning remind anyone else of The Police?

The xx :: Chained 

Official video for The xx's latest single.  great stuff and the video is typical The xx.  A little odd, but alotta good.

 MØ :: Pilgrim.

Stole this one from Dirty Laces - which by the way you should check out the site.  Fellow WU grads help run it.

Pepper Rabbit :: Allison 

There is not a lot to this song, but I think that may be why I enjoy it as much as I do?

Maps & Atlases :: Old & Gray

The lyrics. Lovely.

Dolorean :: What Could You Do? 

Found this song while watching last week's Grey's Anatomy.  Sometimes the show is a little questionable, but the music never is.

The Barr Brothers :: Beggar In The Morning 

This song came on during the drive back from Seattle and it reminded me how much I enjoy the Barr Brothers.

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB 

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