The Ghosts of Halloween's Past

So you know you're getting old when you have no desire to dress up for Halloween and go out.  (Although really this should not come as much of a surprise to a lot of you, since you know I am a grandma.)  Now don't get me wrong, I love Halloween.  I love when the little kids come to the door all dressed up in costumes and I get to help jack them up on sugar before bed! Cheers to child obesity, one almond joy at a time! (and don't worry I Brad got the front porch light fixed).

However, when it comes to my own Halloween costumes, I have never been one to go all out and put a lot of effort or money into them.  I tend to rely on items that are either already in my closet or ones that are inexpensive/borrowed and I can get some use out of them later on.

Anyways, I figured since it's Halloween and all and I did not actually get dressed up this year I would bring out the Ghosts of Halloween's Past, enjoy the show folks.

 Fun Fact: this is the first tagged photo of me on fb, ever. (Cool story, I know)

Also, for those of you who have never worn some type of wings or anything on your back for a costume I don't suggest it. They are a hassle in a crowded room.  I hit more than one person in the face that night, which let's be honest I thought it was pretty entertaining.  The people I hit did not. 

I should of been a cowboy cowgirl! (Isn't that a song or something?)

Like I mentioned before if I can't borrow it or re-use an item after Halloween I don't want it in my costume.  Hence the borrowed cowboy hat and boots.  Because yes, even though I grew up in Glide, Oregon, I do not own any of those things in real life. 

high five. very nice.


Ok, so that one wasn't actually a costume, but a group of us did get dressed up to buy 50 punkins from WinCo once and the pictures from the outting might be my favorite things ever. 

 Totally look like a baseball player... or something?  Def would have benefited from a real bat.

Here is where things start to get real lazy like.  Spandex from volleyball: check.  Long socks: check.  Tennis shoes not heels: check.

Again, in this costume we have a borrowed referee shirt, whistle, and my trusty volleyball spandex, thanks Willamette! Oh wait not thanks, I had to pay for them myself.

Annnnd for my last confession, the past few years were even more lazy (if possible).  I couldn't find pics, but I essentially have worn the same tennis player costume 3 years in a row.  I say costume lightly, because the visor, tennis skirt, and tennis racket that complete the outfit, are used in real life when I play.

So yeah, I am sure you all have had much more elaborate and creative costume's than mine, but what are you gonna do?

Cheers to Halloween!

<3 BB

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Annie Schlegel said...

bahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaah..... i remember a good amount of those halloweens--the winco experience and the baseball team are a close tie for the most ridiculous. love you