Happy #Govember!

Happy November!

My friend Jessi and I have decided to challenge ourselves this month with #GOvember.  The goal is to get our sweat on every day for the month of November (feel free to join in on twitter with the hashtag #GOvember).

This challenge is probably needed since Brad and I had zero tricker treaters last night. Not sure what I am going to do with all this candy besides eat it.  Might have gotten a little overzealous with the two bags that I purchased.


 Popcorn bowl!

To make me feel better about no one stopping by the apartment, Brad brought out his go-to costume.

That's when things got a little weird....


 Fat kid at heart. 

 Check out the hookup with the hat, shirt, and shoes. 

"Snook, I love you.  You're going to be a millionaire someday, but you SUCK at soccer." -Name that Coach.

Then he begged me to put the suit on.  and by beg I mean I secretly wanted to.


 Look Coach, I can still high jump!

 So prittay. 

And now I am officially embarrassed that this is on the internet forever.

You're welcome,

<3 BB

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