Hitting the Links :: 11.2.12

Happpppppppy Friday and yay for the first links of #GOvember!

Here are your weekly links, enjoy:

Think I need to get some Instagrams printed for the apartment. Although I feel like in order to get them printed you need to have a cooler Insta life than I do. #firstworldproblems

This music session is beautiful.

I might have to make cookies this weekend.

So precious, so precious.  Love is a beautiful thing, even when it's a little sad.

Emergency Compliment for when you're really in need.

Since it's Friday, we might all need this.

Jimmy Kimmel is the best.

Not that I am married or plan to get married any time soon, but this article has very good tips for keeping a relationship healthy and happy.

Want to see this movie.

And lastly, don't let your love of Pinterest turn into this.  Also, in other news, who else loves the show Intervention?! It's so fascinating and sad, can't stop watching it.

Enjoy your extra hour this weekend!


<3 BB 

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