Field Trip to OMSI!

Over the weekend Brad and I met up with Jessi and Dan the Man and headed to OMSI aka the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  It's awesome if you've never been.  We had picked up a LivingSocial deal that gave us admission into the Museum, tickets to the Omnimax where we watched a film called Tornado Alley (bonus: Bill Paxton narrated it), as well as tickets to the Planetarium where we learned about Mayan Prophecies.

They had quite a few interesting exhibits going on, including one on Race: Are We So Different?, but my favorite by far was Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body exhibit.  Grossology featured a giant nose you could walk through, a vomit center, and a burp exhibit, what's not to love?! 


Here is what OMSI had to say about Grossology:  The Impolite Science of the Human Body:

Explore all the slimy, mushy, oozy, scaly and stinky gross (yet scientific) things that occur every day in the human body.

Count me in! 

 To Pee or Not To Pee?! That is the question. 

Pretty obvious that Brad's answer was to pee.

Well, aren't you a pretty little thing?

 The entrance of the exhibit looked promising. 

 Did you know, in some cultures it is customary for mothers to suck out the mucus from their baby's noses and spit it on the ground?!

Here we learned about mucus. 

  The average person burps 15 times a day.  I am above average. 

And here we learned about why burps happen. 

 Look at the concentration.

Killed it at the nostril shoot.

 Yes, they made noise and vibrated under your fingers like the real deal.

The boys Jessi and I couldn't get enough of the toot machine!

 toot, toot!

They had entire areas focusing on the digestive system, what's not to get excited about?! 

 They said DOOKIE hahaha.

 Check out the presh moment in the corner. #Ermahgerd cute.

That's a nice digestive system, if I do say so myself. 

 Brad wanted to play in the space shuttle.

The great thing about OMSI is how interactive it is, for both children and adults! 

 Then he proceeded to get stuck.  I laughed. 

Although some things may be more suitable for children. 

True Story: Brad went to space camp.  I am constantly reminded that I am dating a full on nerd

Four hours later we definitely got our monies worth and felt smarter upon leaving.  If you ever get the chance to check out OMSI I suggest it! 

Cheers to Science! 


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Anonymous said...

So much concern in my face for Dan's digestive system in that photo - we had fun!!