Tuesday Tunesday :: 11.6.12

Happy Election Day!!!  I have gathered some great music for you to help celebrate the end of political ads and harsh rhetoric.  But in all honesty, I hope you did your part and made yourself an educated voter, no matter which way you leaned.  At the end of the day, if you don't educate yourself and then vote, you don't get the right to complain after the fact.  Cheers to having the opportunity to make a difference.

Anywayyyyyy, on to way more important things than the future of the economy... music, duh ;)

the lighthouse and the whaler :: under mountain, under ground

This song is lovely and anytime I can find a KEXP version of a song I jump on it, hard.

lord huron :: end of the earth

Came across this lad last week, I think on the Lumineers' Pandora, but I can't remember now (cool story, I know).  Either way, I like what's going on here.  Plus this YouTube comment made me laugh:

just heard this on KCRW-LA. What beautiful sound. Can't wait to get your CD and ride through the desert at night.  -HVYMETL 

Can I join you, HVYMETL?!

theophilus london feat. sara quin :: why even try

The dude is from London and Sara Quin is one half of Tegan and Sara.  Yes please!

mumford & sons :: lover of the light 

Look guys, it's Stringer Bell. (That only applies to people who have watched The Wire)  The rest of you will have to just enjoy the video without imaging that Stringer Bell lost his eye sight in a drug related street crime!

flume feat. anthony for cleopatra :: sleepless 

And lastly, for your electronica fix I leave you with this.  Enjoy.

Cheers to the last of the Political ads!

<3 BB

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