Fashion Blog Rant of the Week

In today's Fashion Blog Rant of the Week we will be discussing the half smile.  You know the one I am talking about - teeth awkwardly not showing - you often ask yourself the following questions when looking at the picture:

-is she doing duck face?
-do you need to use the restroom?
-are you confused?
-are you missing teeth?
-did you just smell something horrible?

And before you call me out and stop following my blog because I am a hypocrite, due to the fact that I have posted pictures of me making that same face:

Totally smizing, so it makes it ok.  ANTM, anyone? 

 hear me out....

Sometimes I think it works.  I think a person can pull it off if they are still smiling with the rest of their face - if that makes sense.  And by that I mean, if there is still some happiness in their eyes, the smile is a genuine, caught in the moment smirk that matches the rest of their mood then I support it.  Like the below photo:

Also, you should know I like to put myself in the same category as an Olsen twin any chance I get. 

Or like this, when he smirks straight into my soul. 

See, Sydney looks adorable even with the bright lips and a no teeth smile. 

However, with that being said, I think a lot of fashion bloggers often times get carried away.  It becomes super forced looking and uncomfortable for all those involved.

I will be the first to admit I have a huge style crush on Sydney from The Daybook, but even she can go a little overboard with the no teeth smile. 

Watch out, it can give you the crazy eyes. 

Then there is my girl Kendi.  Super cute everyday type style, but honey let's be honest, this no teeth smile is not a good look for you.

Are you lost in a back alley? Do you need me to send you directions?  
I know the new iPhone maps are still a little bit of a struggle, so I don't blame you for the confused look.

Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat gets caught using the halfsies smile when a real smile might have been the more obvious choice:

Are you angry that someone is forcing the cupcake on you?  Because honey, you do not look amused. 

Down to earth Oregon native Molly from the Urban Nester is obviously unhappy with her coffee:

Did it burn your lips?

Next we have Rachel from Pink Peonies: 

Then again, I think I might have been a little uncomfortable wearing that outfit too.  

Essentially, what I am trying to say is: try not to get caught in the land of in-between if you can help it. SHOW OFF THOSE PEARLY WHITES!

 Let me see your grill!

Andddd if you must pull a halfsies, make sure it's genuine and it doesn't looks like you are about to pee your pants. it's a very fine line, people....

hold it for just a tad longer, hun

Cheers to Smizing!

<3 BB

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