Hitting the Links!

First can we talk about how last night at open gym volleyball I got hit in the face with a shanked passed from a guy that was standing about 3 feet from me.  Straight to the eye socket. Luckily, I can still see and there is no black eye, but wow is it sore today and I definitely have a headache. it was painfully embarrassing.

In other more serious news: I am voting so I can take my mind off of Kristin and Rob.

And this is why you cannot read 50 Shades in public.

Thanks Jessi for sharing this lovely list of The 100 Fittest Men of All Time

This dude used Taylor Swift's lyrics as pick up lines.  Something Brad Snook would totally try.

Macklemore teaches the boys at GQ how to Thrift Store Shop like a boss.

A post written by 'your typical 4×8 sheet of paper-lined gypsum plaster', written about your female body issues.  Quite funny.

Rebel Wilson does a Honey Boo Boo Impression. Win for the day.

Speaking of Honey Boo Boo - last week I posted Christopher Walken reading her lines.  Today I am sharing it with you in reverse.  It's the circle of life, people. Thank you interwebs.

So they are doing a Documentary Project for when they film the Arrested Development movie.  Can they just come out with it already?!

Annnnd speaking of both the election and Arrested Development I will leave you with Arrested Decision. topical to my previous posts.  Enjoy.

Cheers to Friday!

<3 BB

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