Hitting the Links and a Concert Recap.

Happy, happy Friday !

::So Christopher Walken read lines from Here Comes Honey BooBoo.  That is all.

::Who were the winners and losers from last night's Vice Presidential debate?

::Who doesn't love a daily compliment? Especially when they are odd? - Thanks for sharing Virginia :) 

::A friend from high school - ZZ Ward - is starting to kill it in the music scene.  Check out one of her latest singles and go pre-order her new album.  She is also on tour right now, find out if she is coming to your city and then go!

::Guys, this bacon shortage is a serious thing.  Here are Ron Swanson's tips on how to survive it.

::Ellen makes her employee talk to people only in song, again.

::Lastly, take the time to read this.  You won't regret it.  My favorite old roomie Kelley sent this to me and it it might be the funniest thing you will ever read when it comes to Decorative Gourds.


MACKLEMORE and RYAN LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The OLD Cool Kids stood in the back. 


::Probs one of my favorite concerts I have attended and that is saying something, because I have a concert problem.

::The vibe and energy was super positive, upbeat and just plain awesome.

::The crowd was so into the show. We had the whole Crystal Ballroom bouncing.  such a cool feeling. literally bouncing up and down.  thought the floor might collapse. 

::Being the first stop on his North American tour for his new album The Heist. I love getting to see live acts when they are just starting their tours.  That means they are still fresh and pumped to be on the road and not tired and wore out from the end of a long tour.

::This Song:

The crowd went crazy and it was super legit live. Plus who doesn't love watching white people dance to music? It turns into a lot of jumping and a lot of raised hands in the air. Essentially this:

Not actually the show I was at, but it gives you a good idea of how into it their crowds get.

::Not having to wait for my mom and dad to pick me up after the show. Seriously, don't teens and tweens have curfews on school nights? SO. MANY. CHILDREN. Made me feel old. Or maybe it was the fact that he didn't come out on stage until 9:45 so the show didn't even start until after my bedtime.  Who's to say? I am the one with the curfew. 

Cheers to the weekend!

<3 BB

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