Weekend Recap

First order of business: everyone needs to wish one of my favorite brothers, Braden, a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) The not so little brother turns the big 2.0. today.  I am getting so old.  

Yesterday, we celebrated October birthdays in the fambam (there were 4 to celebrate between cousins uncles, and the bromontana).  Food was yummy, per usual, and the family was entertaining. I always love a low key weekend with family, especially when my mom gets to come and visit.  Missed my dad and the other brother, but it was still good to spend time with my mommy.  She and my crip (not the gang kind) sister even got to venture out of my grandparents' rehab facility to have dinner at my apartment.

Other than that, not too much to say about this weekend and honestly I am quite alright with that.  Since it was rainy there are no crazy adventures to share (unless you call watching a man jump from space crazy?)  Ok, that was actually pretty awesome. Did anyone else watch the Red Bull Stratos jump? that ish cray.

Essentially: after flying to an altitude of 128,100 feet in a helium-filled balloon, this good looking guy named Felix Baumgartner had a record breaking freefall jump from space.

I'd jump from space with you. 

It was pretty entertaining to watch, however, it was a little nerve-racking as well.  I mean how horrible would it have been to watch something go wrong?  Good news: it was a successful mission aka no blood splatter for the Criminal Minds or CSI teams to have to come investigate.  

OH AND THE BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND:  I attempted to curl my hair and it lasted for a whole 4 hours! I think that might be a record. Curls never want to stay in my hair and go flat pretty quickly.  Which translates to me being pretty lazy with my hair.  If it is going to take me over 10 mins to do my hair and not even last an entire day, what's the point?  But on Sunday I decided to give my dirty hair a chance and curl the ish out of it. (I have heard unwashed hair curls better? The lazy, hipster side of me might have made that part up.)  

This is how I always feel while curling my hair, because I know it is going to be a lost cause.

This was the end result that lasted from 9:30 to about 1:00ish. 

Does anyone have tips on how to make curls stay longer?  I have been debating buying a curling wand, but maybe I just need more hairspray?  When it doubt, always use more hairspray? 

Cheers to the weekend! 

<3 BB 

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