Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.16.12

Happy Tunesday!

Now that fall is dwindling down and the winter gloom is about to be upon us, my music taste is slowly matching the seasonal change.  Don't worry though, my music will not be depressing make you want to slit your wrists but instead, just a little more fally/wintery. Stuff that makes you want to curl up with a book and a fire place, ya feel me?!

jason mraz :: the woman i love 

With Jason Mraz I am either a love or hate kind of gal. Definitely lovin' this live version.

the joy formidable :: this ladder is ours

See guys, not all the songs I enjoy are slow and depressing.

matt corby :: untitled

The dood is from Australia, so that's fun.  Plus this is super pretty and raw, almost a Jeff Buckley quality to his ways.

fink :: this is the thing (mahogany session) 

Big Fink fan, have been for a while and this stripped down, acoustic version of This Is The Thing is awesome.

And lastly, in honor of her new album out today....

zz ward :: put the gun down 

Fellow Glide High graduate doing big, big things.  Check her album out on iTunes. You won't regret it.  Her voice is powerful and she has a great mix of blues and hip hop.  Def her own vibe and sound.  Loving all of it.

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB

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Love it and love the new design!