#backthatazzup to san diego

It's Friday, Friday!!!! 

To be at the airport at 5 am.

Get extra excited for me, because I am not at work and have officially started vacation. In fact depending on when I decide to schedule this post I will be doing one of three things... 

1) be on an airplane somewhere over northern California en-route to San Diego .
2) going to town on some in-n-out

3) going for a run on the beach (should probably think about not doing this at all doing this one before the glorious burger)

Gosh golly, gee wiz, I am excited for this mini vaca... I have been needing this in my life for a while now. The weather is back to crap here in Portland, I am over work, and I am ready to introduce Bradley to Cali. I think they are going to get along quite nicely (but not too nicely, I don't wanna have to beat a bitch up

Anyways, I have more important things to do (like eat my body weight in fish tacos) than be on a computer this holiday weekend. I will be nice, however, and leave you with some links to make it through the rest of your workday (I'm so kind, I know).....I'll see you on the flip side of Memorial Day! yes, I just said flip slide, who am I?

And now your links...

::I need the weather to pick things up a bit in San Diego because this came in the mail.

::Speaking of in-n-out...

::Vacationing is good for your health. It's science.

::Look at these Dads on vacation.

And in honor of #backthatazzup Friday!!!!

California loveeeeee!


<3 BB

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JumpingJE said...

How did you post this and at the same time NOT post this. I was just thinking I'd lost you off the face of the earth! And cute swimwear!!